The partner of the head of Rostec seeks bankruptcy Telman Ismailov

Skillfully and other creditors

The total amount of claims to the founder of the group ” AST ” Telman Ismailov has exceeded 160 billion roubles, follows from the Uniform Federal register of data on bankruptcy. Total ruble debt Ismailova before ten creditors amounted to about 140 bln. rubles; in addition, there is a claim on foreign currency-denominated debt — the Bank of Moscow requires $286,4 million, equivalent to about 21.1 billion rubles at the exchange rate on March 1 (the Bank is among the ruble plaintiffs with claims of approximately 3.4 billion rubles.).

Claims act in the cases related to personal bankruptcy Ismailov; the first statement was filed by Bank of Moscow in the Moscow Arbitration court on 5 October 2015: businessman was one of the first Russians to which it was applied came into force the law on bankruptcy of individuals. Private a bankruptcy petition he filed with the Arbitration court of Moscow region on November 26.

It is the first regional court opened bankruptcy proceedings against Ismayilova on December 21. In early February 2016 KBF AST, which is part of the AST group, has asked the Moscow court to discontinue the proceedings: the representative of the debtor stated that the company has no property, and the Bank of Moscow has not provided consent for the financing of procedure of bankruptcy.

The largest creditors besides the Bank of Moscow are Cyprus company “Aquila trading limited” (the sum of claims — 48,3 billion rubles), “Permaloc investments limited” (26.6 billion rubles) and Pentecost Limited (13.7 billion rubles).

While among the plaintiffs, entered in the bankruptcy case, found the main owner of the investment-industrial group Vi Holding Vitali Skillfully: he Ismailov owes approximately 2,034 billion rubles under the loan agreement dated 5 October 2011.

Skillfully the participant of list Forbes (the state in 2015 was estimated at $650 million) and ex-oil tycoon — a friend of Chemezov since childhood. “The company Skillfully partner “Rostec” on mining projects. I skillfully from years ago, and we have long been effective partners”, — said Chemezov in an interview at the end of 2015. Skillfully and will create an insulin monopoly to Rostec in two qualities — heads “Natimbi”, pharmaceutical subsidiary of the Corporation, which intends to close the purchase under state contracts, and the principal owner of the company “Bioran”, which should be a major insulin manufacturer in the country. Skillfully heads the boards of Directors of several structures Rostec, for example, the Kaliningrad amber combine.

On what he would borrow money off Skillfully, did a representative of Vi Holding has refused comments, to contact the attorneys of the Respondent failed.

What’s left Ismailov

In the judicial records indicated that by December 2015 Ismailov left very little property: he owned a land plot in Moscow region the cadastral value of 13.9 million rubles in cash in the amount of 25 thousand rubles and funds in credit institutions in the amount of RUB for 88.79 per and $28,77. In addition, Ismailov does not have a permanent place of work and sources of income mentioned in the trial transcript.

Since December 2013, Ismailov disappeared from among the co-owners of the parent company AST group LTD. “Group AST-89G”; prior to that he owned 25% of the company, the rest was owned by his sons Alekper and Sarkhan and nephew Zaur Mardanov. Now share in the group AST-89G distributed as follows: 37.5 percent belongs to Alakbar Ismayilov, a 37.5% — Sarkhan Ismailov, 25% — Mardanova, from database SPARC. In April 2014 “Vedomosti”, with reference to its source wrote that the deal was technical: Ismailov-the senior continues to control the business, claimed one of the creditors the act. According to SPARK, in any company of the group AST Ismailov is now not a co-owner. The net loss of the group AST-89G in 2014 was 124, 5 million rbl. (later data not published).

Ismailov was previously attributed to the ownership of the shopping center AST on Izmailovskoye shosse in Moscow, the business centre on Malaya Gruzinskaya and restaurant Safisa on’evskoe highway. In December 2015 the VTB group (the group includes the Bank of Moscow) were the property belonging to Ismailov, the Praga restaurant and the business center “Tropicana” for debt: according to Forbes, these assets VTB has put up for sale.

The most famous asset of foreign businessman was considered a five-star hotel Mardan Palace in Antalya in November 2015 it was bought at auction Bank Halkbank for 360,5 million lire (about $124 million).

Even if it turns out that actually Telman Ismailov does not own anything, the court may challenge the transaction on a conclusion of assets. “The law on bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to initiate the procedure of challenging transactions of the debtor, if the damage was caused to the creditors, — said the partner of legal Bureau “Padva and Epstein” Anton Babenko. — Probably especially challenging transactions in the case when the property was sold at a heavily discounted price.”

The representative of VTB said that the group “will seek repayment of Telman Ismailov all available methods in accordance with the law”.

After market

In the list of Russian richest businessmen Forbes Ismailov in 2015, took 144 place — his fortune was estimated at $0.6 billion

The main business Ismailova has long been the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow. The city authorities tried to close it since 2001, but this happened only after the intervention of Vladimir Putin in 2009.

Closing of the Cherkizovsky market has caused the business irreparable damage Ismailov, claimed the sources of the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “All his assets he bought with money earned at the Cherkizovsky market, — said one of interlocutors of the newspaper. — As soon as it became clear that this thread is no more… business Ismailov went much worse.”

In April 2010 he signed an agreement with the Corporation “Olympstroy” on the construction of hotels in Sochi for 4 thousand numbers at a cost of $800 million But he was not, and banks lend to the project refused, wrote “Vedomosti”. As a result, the project was transferred to the structures of Viktor Vekselberg.