The Tajik authorities advised residents to stock up on food and water

The residents of Tajikistan are recommended to stock up on food, reports the press service of the President of the country following the results of session of the government.

President Emomali Rahmon recalled about the winter with little snow and early fall, he warned about the likelihood of drought, drought and the threat of neurogenetic. In addition, citizens recommend on opportunities to save water, and abundantly watered their land, orchards and vineyards.

The Tajik leadership often asks people to stock up on food. “For several years now we encourage people to stock up on food for the next two years. This is very important. Especially this year, when the country’s abundance of agricultural production, it must take advantage of every family”, — said Rahmon in September of last year (quoted by the Agency ТоjNews).

He emphasized that the negative impact on the Tajik economy have currency fluctuations among trading partners of the country, which lead to changes in the prices of major export and import products.

The national currency of Tajikistan is somoni has lost over the past year to 24.1% of its value according to the official exchange rate. In the currency market somoni fell by 27.8%.

At the beginning of December in Tajikistan were closed all exchange offices and the exchange was allowed only in banks. The head of the National Bank of Tajikistan accused the exchangers in the devaluation of the somoni. Later Tajikistan has asked the International monetary Fund for financial assistance due to the instability of the global and regional economy.