United Russia proposes to auction the lands that are not used 2 years

MOSCOW, 1 March. In the state Duma a draft of amendments to the Federal law “On turnover of agricultural lands” aimed at improving the mechanism for the removal of areas that are not used for the intended purpose. As Izvestia reports, the document envisages putting up for sale sites that tend to be idle for two years.

As explained to the publication one of the developers of amendments, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on agrarian Nikolai Pankov (“United Russia”), referring exclusively to agricultural lands, which were acquired in the 1990-ies for the production of agricultural products and is still not used for these purposes.

“For us it is very important to explain to people that the land in question is not residential plots and land plots occupied under various orchards and gardens of citizens. In fact, the bill is aimed at improving the mechanism for the removal of agricultural land, which were purchased in large quantities for a pittance. We ordered the bill forms and methods of stimulation with a single purpose – that the earth is not idle, and processed,” said the head of the steering Committee.

According to him, these “idle” lands today, about 28 million hectares.

“If the land is not used within two years, it must be put up for sale. But before that, we consider it appropriate to impose an administrative fine after the first year of downtime,” said the legislator.

According to Pankov, today there are many large owners who have purchased farm land for sale or resale. Accordingly, the country has virtually no free land left that can be used by potential investors interested in, for example, to produce a crop.

“All the land shall be put into circulation, especially when the production from our fields particularly in demand”, – concluded the Deputy.

Another developer of the bill the head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev emphasized that the overgrown lands are the cause of fires. “This issue is striking. Besides, unused land irritate people, giving rise to questions as to why the earth-the wet nurse is,” said Vasiliev.