VTSIOM: more than half of Russians keep their savings in rubles

MOSCOW, 1 March. More than half of Russians (57%) keep their savings in rubles (vs. 52% in December). These data derive from a survey conducted by the Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) published on the organization’s website.

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“In February, the percentage of respondents keeping their savings in national currency, amounted to 57% (in December – 52%). In General for last year it ranged from 50-58%. Store the savings in dollars and euros a little – by 3% and 2%, respectively. It should be noted that the American currency more often than Russians on the average, choose to Moscow and St. Petersburg (8%). According to recent data, do not have the financial savings 39% of our fellow citizens”, – stated in the message VTSIOM.

“After the surge of interest in the status of the dollar in January (that followed its fluctuations, said 63% of respondents – compared with 51% in December), in February there is a decrease (to 56%). This figure is below the value a year ago (62 percent in February of 2015),” say the sociologists.

The poll was conducted on 20-21 February , was attended by 1,600 people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.