In Russia launched a rival BlaBlaCar

International company for online-booking Booking Group (not relevant to popular website for booking hotels) launched in Russia service travel together Boombilla. About this company representatives said at the presentation of the project.

Boombilla is an online platform and an app (available for iOS and Android), which lets the user specifying the place of departure and of arrival, to choose a driver that runs on the same route and offers the best price. Also the user can offer to give a lift to travelers.

Founder and co-owner of the Booking Group Alen buybacks during the presentation said that the idea to create a joint travel service was founded two years ago, when the company noted increased interest in domestic travel and rental cars. “The current economic situation forces people to be more economical, but not to refuse from travelling,” he says. According to Baibakova, the new service should help Russian users to travel more convenient and cheaper.

Using the application Boombilla also be possible to find a guide or a travel companion for a specific purpose, for example to travel to a music festival. The service has the option of finding accommodation in another city for free (couchsurfing). Chat users can through built-in service messenger.

By 2017, the founders Boombilla plan to attract 1 million users (so far only in Russia). Starting investments into the project will amount to €1-1. 5 million over two years. The investor is Booking Group. Will lead the service in Russia Viktor Vasilenko, who for three years held the position of commercial Director of the Russian franchise of Europcar.

Booking Group is an international company for car rental, founded in 2007. The company’s services (sites and work in 150 countries around the world, including in Russia, USA, UK and Latin America. Its annual turnover, according to the founder of the company is €25 million, the Founder Alen Booking Group buybacks originating from Latvia, he also speaks Latvian radio Retro FM Riga (franchise European media group), news site and a number of other assets.

Service Boombilla similar to the popular service for sharing long-distance trips BlaBlaCar, which exists in Russia since 2014. BlaBlaCar came to Russia, buying a local competitor “Plantains”. Its founder Aleksey Lazorenko headed BlaBlaCar in Russia and Ukraine.

Boombilla not afraid of competition from BlaBlaCar in Russia is very large and untapped market of long-distance transport and “places will suffice all”, says the buybacks. According to Vasilenko, the market ridderikhoff intercity now mastered only by 5%, but how much the company appreciates its potential of money, the head Boombilla refused to answer.

“Boombilla entered the market in a very timely manner, the market is growing rapidly (largely due to the efforts of BlaBlaCar), plus the impact of the economic crisis, which encourages people to save more,” says Lazorenko from BlaBlaCar. At the same time, such services, including in Russia, there are “once a quarter or even once a month,” he says. Technology in the case of saidselimov services are not a key factor, much more important — formed user community, trust, and liquidity. Go on the formation of large budgets or for many years, and few people did it, Lazorenko said. The total size of BlaBlaCar raised money from investors to $336,5 million (according to CrunchBase), in the framework of the last round in September of 2015, the company was valued at $1.6 billion.

Thus Lazorenko does not agree with the assessment of the development of the market ridderikhoff travel in Russia at 5%: most likely, the founders Boombilla did not take into account the many nuances, he said. The joint market visits to Russia almost on 100% are formed, maintained and continues to grow thanks to the company BlaBlaCar, insists the head of service.

Boombilla plans to bet on features of the promotion: for example, companions will be able to choose each other, focusing on musical tastes. “We expect that this option will help us to move through radio stations,” says the buybacks. In the future the service also plans to develop integration with the airline: in many countries, the option to hire a car often moves in conjunction with the purchase of a ticket.