ISIS income from the game on the foreign exchange markets was estimated at $20 million monthly

Currency speculation per month bring the terrorists of the ISIL (banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”) income up to $20 million, reports The Telegraph with reference data published in the meeting of the Committee of the British Parliament on foreign Affairs.

The head of the Subcommittee on combating the financing of terrorism John Beyron said that the funds for games on the currency markets, the group has received during the capture of the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June 2014, where the branch of the Central Bank kept $429 million According to him, these goals are also used pension payments, transferred by the Iraqi authorities to the residents of the areas under the control of terrorists.

Revenues from currency speculation is transported on the territory controlled by ISIS, through an informal money transfer system hawala, common in Muslim countries, writes The Telegraph. During the hearing, these funds were named “significant part” of the income groups, but the representative of the British Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood, who attended the meeting, called the estimate at $20 million surplus.

In December, the Central Bank of Iraq has prohibited to conduct foreign exchange auctions 142 organizations, which, according to U.S. data, was used by ISIS agents to get cash. The representative of the Foreign Ministry acknowledged that the financial system of middle Eastern States have loopholes used by terrorists, but, according to him, working on their elimination. Ellwood also said that Bank employees were not aware of the transactions with LIH.

The newspaper reminds that among other sources of income of the “Islamic state” called the trade in contraband oil and extortion. According to the UN, the group’s revenue from the sale of oil made in 2015 $400-500 million On the assessment of the Pentagon, the income of the terrorists of the attacks of the international coalition on oil infrastructure fell by a third from October 2015 to early January 2016.