London took new York’s status as a leading business hub of the world

The number of jobs for highly qualified personnel in London since 2013 increased by 235 000 and reached 1.71 million, writes The Independent with reference to the study of Deloitte. According to this index, the British capital has overtaken new York remains a leader in the number of jobs for highly qualified employees the financial services industry. Together in new York, there are 1.16 million jobs for highly qualified specialists.

Third place goes to Paris from 0.63 million jobs. Next on the list are Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

London, “perhaps, is the major business center of the world,” Bloomberg quoted the senior partner of Deloitte in London Angus Noles-Cutler.

Deloitte in its report points to “rising soft power” of London. Auditors consider factors such as national diversity work in the city leaders, the connection between them and the number of countries in which they then leave to work. According to Deloitte, in the British capital are business leaders 95 nationalities — according to this indicator, London is ahead of other cities. Furthermore, London leads in the volume “export” of human resources abroad. Business leaders, with experience in London, now working in 134 countries, whereas people with experience in new York city in 120 countries. Global influence of the city is growing when other countries are leaving people who previously came to London to get an education, worked for a few years and got business contacts with local leaders, says Deloitte.

Among the risks you could encounter in London, the company calls the possible reduction of low-paying jobs because of automation development, housing shortages and the poor representation of women in leadership positions.