Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates its 85th anniversary

Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates its 85th anniversary

MOSCOW, March 2. The first and only President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev on March 2, celebrates its 85th anniversary.

Gorbachev is closely monitoring the policy and before the anniversary, has published an article in “Novaya Gazeta”, dedicated to global challenges, said the head of press-service “Gorbachev-Fund” Pavel the creative cluster.

“Mikhail Sergeyevich has written an article, published in “Novaya Gazeta”, where he not just evaluates a number of global challenges, but also offers recommendations for their solution. Specific recommendations,” said the creative cluster. He also said that Gorbachev’s anniversary will be marked by a gala dinner. “Invited politicians, journalists, classmates, friends and relatives – just 150 people,” said the creative cluster.

On the eve of the anniversary of “the Gorbachev Foundation” has released a new book, “Gorbachev in life.”

Main achievements and losses

Gorbachev considers his major achievements of freedom and openness.

“The most important thing – freedom and openness”, – he said on 29 February, by taking part in the presentation of the book “Gorbachev in life.”

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Gorbachev assured that remains faithful to the ideas of perestroika. “I remain loyal to the idea and the choice that I did,” he said. According to former Soviet leader, he stand at the head of the state, we conducted the reform “in an evolutionary way and without any shocks”.

He also urged to overcome the effects of Stalinism in the society. “I just say – Stalinism must be overcome. Millions left because of Stalin,” Gorbachev said.

Referring to the current political situation, Gorbachev urged to hold fair elections.

“We need to allow – as we in 1989 provided the opportunity for the first time in the history of our country – to publicly vote to make a choice,” he told journalists, answering a question about what his biggest concern in contemporary politics.

According to him, fair elections serve the cleansing power. “We need to give people the opportunity to choose. And everyone who is arrogant… who came to guide to cash, cheat and so on, they are, if there are fair elections, they will not be there,” said Gorbachev.

The biggest loss of the former head of the USSR called for the death of his wife Raisa. “The biggest loss is that Raisa could not stand all this shit. And second, I eventually resigned,” he said. “You know, I was not off from work (President), never recorded in the workbook. I was gone,” he recalled.

Anti-terrorist Pact and the European summit

In an article in “Novaya Gazeta” Gorbachev writes about global issues in international politics. As such, in his opinion, have now become safety issues.

“In the fight against terrorism should abandon double standards and to establish a solid international legal basis. Therefore, I proposed to begin training anti-Terrorist Pact or Convention under UN auspices,” he said. Gorbachev believes that the document should include “not only the specific obligations on cooperation of the States, the exchange of information, preventive measures, etc., but also an important international legal provisions”.

“First of all – a ban on the supply of weapons to illegal armed groups anywhere. And second, the lack of support – not only material but also moral, advocacy and any forces and movements committed to armed struggle against any state or government,” offers the former Soviet leader.

He also called for upgrading the European security system, formulated in 1975 in Helsinki and in 1990 in Paris. According to Gorbachev, “we need to agree on conflict-prevention mechanisms”, mechanisms “early warning of the emergence of new threats in the form of various “entities” and failed States”. “I therefore call on all European countries, USA and Canada to immediately begin the preparations for the third pan – European summit,” the article says.

A new film about Gorbachev

The first channel on March 2, will show the premiere of the film about Mikhail Gorbachev, “First and last” reported in a press – TV channel service.

The film is shot by Director of the Directorate of documentary film of the First channel Sergei Braverman. “This film is about a man who knows the whole world and which is removed, delivered and written hundreds and hundreds of works, and therefore to do another job and extremely interesting but also extremely difficult. That is why it is very important to find your angle in this film,” say the creators of the film.

According to them, the main vector of this angle is defined by Gorbachev, talking about visiting his “vision” during the “Nutcracker” ballet. “While there was a Blizzard and the dancers whirled, he suddenly saw and understood the nature of Russia, he could see her – country Blizzard, Blizzard people, and he – man Blizzard, a controversial, for some, for others a foreign one, the untwisting of the event, then turning across them…”, – say the authors of the film.

The second angle, given by him, according to Gorbachev, his two true love: first love and everlasting is his wife, and the second, of the same strength, but different from gambling, is policy.

The third perspective – the comments of children and grandchildren of those who were colleagues and associates of Gorbachev. Among them Gorbachev’s daughter Irina Virganskaya, film Director Karen Shakhnazarov (the son of a Gorbachev aide Georgy Shakhnazarov), political analyst Alexei Arbatov (the son of Georgi Arbatov, adviser to Gorbachev), journalist Sofiko Shevardnadze (granddaughter of Eduard Shevardnadze, Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR under Gorbachev), the political scientist Elena Lukyanova (daughter of Anatoly Lukyanov, former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR), journalist Anton Kravchenko (the son of the former Chairman of the USSR radio and television, Leonid Kravchenko).

“Why children and grandchildren? Yes, because the companions themselves – are old, tired people. Attitude and assessment of the role and personality of Gorbachev famous people famous enough, but another generation, his view, his understanding of the role of Gorbachev in the history of his country – this curious and modern,” say the authors of the film.

But there is also a fourth perspective, they note, – author that specifies the host of the film Sergei Medvedev.

The film will be aired on the “First” on 2 March at 00:30 GMT.

New book on Gorbachev

New book, “the Gorbachev in the life of” prepared “Gorbachev-Fund”, was presented in Moscow on February 29. The publication is a compilation of quotations, excerpts from memoirs, interviews, documents, letters, articles Gorbachev himself as well as his advisors and assistants, cultural workers, journalists, entrepreneurs, hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. The presentation involved himself, Mikhail Gorbachev.

“This is not a book that was published for the anniversary. This book is a project of the Foundation, which began a long time ago, and which we think will continue,” said Executive Director of “the Gorbachev Foundation” Olga Zdravomyslova, reminding that the main task of “Gorbachev-Fund” – “the understanding of the era of perestroika”.

The authors of the collection were members of the “Gorbachev Foundation” Karen Karagezyan and Vladimir Polyakov.

“I hope that it will help the young generation to know the history a lot about restructuring. Moreover, this book will counteract a quarter of a century repeated attempts to discredit the initiator of perestroika,” he said Karagezian. He noted the objectivity of the collection, since it presents the different people, including “political attachments”.

Among such politicians, in particular, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s fiercest rival the collapse of the USSR, recognized that Gorbachev refers to “with deepest sympathy”. “For me, this person first of all linked with the question of human freedom”, explained the Belarusian leader. In his view, “the restriction of personal freedom, initiative, micromanagement became … root causes of degradation of the Soviet state and society.”

The leader of the Cuban revolution, founder and first and only socialist state in the Western hemisphere, Fidel Castro claims that “relations with Gorbachev were good”, he “behaved like a true friend”, “paid homage to the Cuban revolution.” “While he was in power in USSR, he did everything possible not to harm the interests of Cuba and does not damage our good relations,” – said the legendary Comandante.

Castro is confident that Gorbachev “had intended to fight for his goal of perfection of socialism”, but “could not prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union”, and “errors and omissions accelerated the collapse.”

More than seven hundred pages of the book cover all the stages of life of the former President. Describes the childhood, College years, love for his wife Raisa, the path to the heights of power, norms of behavior within the Soviet leadership, the attitude to Gorbachev of the Soviet leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Yury Andropov, and, finally, an attempt is made to explain the reasons for the collapse of the USSR.