Peskov said that his salary was reduced by 10%

Peskov said that his salary was reduced by 10%

MOSCOW, March 2. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov admitted that his salary after last year’s reduction of salaries of officials reduced more than 10%.

“There was quite substantial (a reduction of salaries of officials) this year, – he said to journalists. Even on its own can say I have salary more than 10% drop”.

“I don’t know about (new) the reductions of salaries,” added he, answering the question, are the Kremlin, the new reduction of salaries of officials.

Salaries of Federal officials

Wednesday Rosstat has published data showing that the average salary of civil servants of the Federal state authorities in Russia in 2015 amounted to 111.3 thousand rubles, which is 2% higher than in 2014.

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Rosstat: salaries of Federal officials for 2015 rose by 2%

According to the Agency, the highest salary received by the civil servants in the office of the government of the Russian Federation, their average monthly salary for 2015 was $ 231,7 thousand among the leaders and the presidential administration of the Russian Federation – 217,1 thousand. However, the report notes that in the government and administration of the Kremlin in relation to 2014, there was a reduction in wages, respectively, 7% and 6.5%.

Most increased wages in the Federation Council (42.2% to 173 thousand), the state Duma (by 30.7% – to 136 thousand) and the Ministry of foreign Affairs (increase of 29.9% to 148 thousand).

In the beginning of 2015, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the reduction of salaries in the Kremlin administration and the government staff by 10%.