Rogozin: the experience of Russian combat aircraft in Syria is encouraging

Rogozin: the experience of Russian combat aircraft in Syria is encouraging

MOSCOW, March 2. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin believes that the experience of application of Russian combat aircraft in Syria is encouraging. He declared it at meeting on development of Russian military aviation.

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“I want to say that the experience of combat use of our aircraft in Syria illustrates the ingenuity of the design potential of our designers, technologists, – Rogozin said, noting that all of this is multiplied by the skill and courage of Russian fighter pilots.

He added that the main efforts of designers focused on new work with prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation T-50. “I would like to note the high potential of the Russian military aircraft industry. Not only we, the entire country was able to see this”, he said. Rogozin noted that all vehicles OKB “Dry” work in Syria. This and the su-24, su-25, su-34, su-30, su-35. “Of course, we hope that subsequent work will be successful, effective, and will become a source of pride,” he said.

“Work, as they say, too much, but again – the experience of the successful application of our combat aircraft in the course of the antiterrorist operation in Syria gives us some optimism for work,” he said.

“It is necessary to consider and finalize all comments on the techniques arising in the operation of equipment in Syria. We are interested in issues such as the achievement of the parameters of the all-weather and secutest, stealth technology, its maintainability, the question of ergonomics, easy operation pilot, visualization of combat situation,” Rogozin listed.

From the point of view of engine “is of interest not only traction, but also the life of engines,” he said.

Also important is the stability of the aircraft to interference, which will be in contact with a real enemy.

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While Rogozin stressed that domestic aviation should be ready to face any scenario of conflict with a more technologically powerful enemy equal to our army and the enemy, which carries out its actions through terrorism in Syria.

Also in aviation must be strictly protected identification system “friend or foe”, a great effort should be concentrated on the creation of software to simulate different combat situations.

“Of course, the meeting today can not touch the parachute. If our pilots were in a dire situation they need to escape. In the cockpit they must see the whole situation at 360 degrees,” he said.

“The successful experience with our aircraft in Syria gives us some optimism in the work”, – concluded Rogozin.