The Communist party has portrayed a woman with the head of a child in his hands in the material of the migrants

Moscow city Committee (MGK) of the Communist party after the assassination in Moscow of four girls called for harsher immigration legislation. The representative of the leader of Communists Gennady Zyuganov, the Deputy Alexander Yushchenko said that the website is a project of the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party headed by Valery Raskina, and not a universal party. On the website dedicated to the initiative, under the proposal of the Communists placed the logo in the form of a prohibition sign with the image of women in niqab, which is holding a severed head.

According to published on the website of the message, the Communists propose legislation to make obtaining work visas for citizens of CIS (except Belarus and Kazakhstan). Among initiativ Communists also is a lifetime ban on entry into Russia for foreigners who have committed a criminal offence in Russia, the introduction of liability for the provision of trading places illegal migrants, deportation of non-citizens of Russia detained with weapons, as well as “ban “Wahhabism” in Russia”.

“We believe that the solution to the problem of illegal migration at the root is possible only under the socialist system, the revival of the USSR with its unified economic system. However, we recognize that immediate measures to restore order in Russia already now”, — stated in the message of the Moscow Communist party.

On the website dedicated to the initiative, also published two videos under the title “the Communist party demands to bring order to the migration sphere” and “the nanny cut the child’s head in Moscow.”

First Secretary of the Moscow Communist party Valery Rashkin, in an interview with explained that the aim of the website is to draw attention to the Communists bills introduced in the state Duma in the past and offering to adjust the visa regime. “This tragedy would not have happened if the documents for entry into Russia have been inspected and issued properly. Moreover, labour rights of visitors under normal visa regime would be ensured,” he said. According to Raskin, the goal is to gather under the laws of at least 100 thousand signatures, to serve as an argument for consideration of changes in the state Duma.

According to Raskin, his site does not contribute to xenophobic sentiment, as it offers a constructive solution.

The murder of the four girls took place in Moscow on Monday, February 29. In the morning near the metro station “October Field” police detained the woman in the black hijab, who shouted “Allah Akbar!”, called himself a terrorist and was holding the bloody head of a child. Arrested were 38-year-old native of Uzbekistan, Gulchehra Bobokulov, who was the nanny of the murdered child. According to investigators, the woman waited until the girl’s parents leave and then killed her, cut off the head and set fire to the apartment.

March 2, Bobokulov for two months was arrested for disobeying the court. As reported the correspondent from the court house, in conversation with journalists the woman pleaded guilty, and the question of why this was done, said, “Allah ordered”.