The Ministry has proposed to cancel the regulation of prices on cheap drugs

The Ministry refers to the report for April—December 2015 67 enterprises producing medicines lower (up to 50 rubles) and medium (from 50 to 500 roubles) segment from the list of essential medicines (INITL). One of them has temporarily suspended production of several drugs is already 26 companies. The peak of cases of withdrawal from the production was carried out in October 2015, and only left the market of the drug 182, 131 of which belonged to the lower price segment, and 51 — to the middle.

Only for the third quarter of 2015, the production of cheap drugs in these enterprises decreased by 357 million packages, or 3.1 billion rubles By the end of 2015 the volume of this category of drugs in the commercial segment of the market fell 10.9% (in packs) in hospital — 7.2%, reported the Ministry of industry and trade.

To unprofitability of production of cheap medicines led the inability to reregister their price on “the level of increase in the cost of production,” reads the letter.

One way to solve this problem, the Ministry of industry and trade has called the subsidies for unprofitable industries. However, the Department believes this measure to be temporary. For the system solution required in 2016 to grant Russian producers the right to re-register prices on cheap drugs in a declarative manner, and to contain their growth will be competition, stated in the letter.

The Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova in an interview with TV times how February 12, said that in Russia decreased range of imported essential medicines in the segment of up to 50 rubles, the Reason it is called devaluation of ruble where to import drugs becomes unprofitable.

After a few days, “Kommersant” reported about the letter of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS): Department warned the government that in the near future from the market drugs can disappear more than 300 cheap domestic products, which becomes unprofitable. According to FAS, 197 articles of domestic cheap medicines from the list vital has been discontinued. In the near future the manufacturers will refuse to issue 160 more products from this segment.

The FAS has proposed a one-for $ 5 to raise regulated prices on the cheap (50 rubles) medicine from the list INITL.