The Ministry of defence replied to the prosecution of NATO in transforming refugees into a weapon

The Russian defense Ministry commented on the statements of the commander-in-chief of the Combined armed forces of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove that Russia “makes the migration of refugees to Europe in arms.”

“Russia started its operation in Syria much later outbreak of the European migration crisis — 30 September, and therefore no relation to him can not have”, — said the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov (quoted by “Interfax”).

He added that “the results of the Russian operation was recorded UN fold reduction in refugees from Syria and started the process of reconciliation. This, said Konashenkov, “Western “antiepilepsy coalition” (ISIL, the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia organization. —) not achieved for the preceding three years, the images of “fighting” terrorism.”

On the eve of General Breedlove has accused the authorities of Russia and Syria to use migrants as a “weapon”. According to him, the strikes in Syria provoked an increase in the number of refugees which poured into Europe. “Russia and the Assad regime deliberately make migration in the arms, trying to quell the European structures and to break the European determination,” he said.

Commander of NATO has also accused Syrian government forces and the Russian air force in the use of “imprecise” weapons. “I can’t find any explanation, except the desire to force the refugees to leave their homes and make their problem someone else”, — said the General.

In turn Moscow earlier explained the problem of refugees in the EU policy of Western countries in the middle East and North Africa. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the influx of refugees is the result of being “totally irresponsible and ill-conceived policy changes of political regimes in the region”. She urged Europe to learn from Russia and explained: “the Russian Federation has received hundreds of thousands refugees from Ukraine”.