The Russian foreign Ministry: Moscow hopes that U.S. statements about plan B on Syria will remain just words

MOSCOW, March 2. In Moscow hope that the sound from Washington statements about alternative plans for Syria will remain just words. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We hope that the statements of high-ranking representatives in Washington about the availability of plan B or alternative plans for Syria in case of resumption of hostilities will remain in words, – the diplomat said. – Encourage us partners to adhere to commitments”.

According to her, Syria was reached 38 agreements on local reconciliations, recorded 31 cases of violations of the ceasefire.

“For the first three days the total number of local agreements on reconciliation increased to 38, – she said. – At the same time, recorded 31 cases of violations of the cessation of hostilities. On the facts, informed the American party on reconciliation”.