The Tver region is headed by an associate of Viktor Zubkov

In Wednesday evening on the Kremlin website appeared a message on the appointment of the acting Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudeni. The decree appeared on the President’s website before the decree about resignation of the Governor Andrey Shevelev.

Sheveleva powers expired only in July, but in early February, the sources warned that the decision to replace the Governor proved inefficient has already been made, the problem was only with the selection of candidates for the changer. The name of the 48-year-old Rodini interlocutors in the list of potential candidates for change Sheveleva not called.

The king grain

Rodina served in the army and after demobilization worked for several years inspector of criminal investigation Department of the Moscow police.

In the mid-nineties became the General Director of Grain company and then the company “Roszerno”, it is written in the help “RIA Novosti”. In the beginning he began his career as official: in 2002, he became chief of Department of development of agroindustrial complex of Government office, then Deputy of the Department of sectoral development.

In 2005 — 2007 Rodina for a long time by the Vice-Minister of agriculture Alexey Gordeev. After his departure in 2009, Rudana headed the agricultural Department of the Russian government, when the first Vice-the Prime Minister supervising agriculture, was Viktor Zubkov. There he worked until the change of government in 2012.

After retiring from civil service again went into business: from 2013 to 2014 was the head of one of Russia’s largest mills “Ramensky bakery”, said the Chairman of “Soyuzmoloko” Andrey Danilenko. Now 99.5% of the holding company “Ramensky bakery” is her Rudana (the newspaper “Izvestia” called her sister and ex-official).In different years, according to SPARK, he was the owner of LLC “Investasi” and share in “Rostherne”.

People Zubkov

Rodina — known people on the agricultural and grain market, has extensive experience in this field, says Danilenko. But the Tver region is not among the agricultural regions, the General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies Dmitry Rylko.

The new head of the Tver region is a protégé of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Viktor Zubkov, said close to the presidential administration and the interlocutor confirms, the Director of the International center for political expertise, Yevgeny Minchenko. Zubkov familiar with Vladimiri Putin in St. Petersburg city hall and is considered one of the closest people to him.

Zubkov lobbied him for the post of the Minister of agriculture is Yelena Skrynnik in 2009, wrote “Kommersant” referring to sources in the government. In 2009 he was also among the top three candidates for appointment by the Governor of the Volgograd region. He is an experienced apparatchik who has long been stationed in the personnel reserve, describes his Minchenko. From the point of view of the lobbying capacity and relationships with government officials and business Rudenko positions good, notes the analyst.