Trump won in five States for primaries in “super Tuesday”

Donald trump won a victory in at least five of the eleven States where on Tuesday, 1st March, pass the primary election. The billionaire, who is running for US presidents from Republicans, surpassed rivals in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Virginia, which is considered to be one of the key States.

According to The Washington Post, on the primaries in Alabama trump has got 47% votes whereas his closest pursuer, the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz 20%. Trump also walked Cruz in Georgia (42% vs. 23%) and Tennessee (43% vs. 23%). While Cruz won in Texas and Oklahoma.

In Massachusetts, the billionaire got 49%, ahead of Florida Senator Mark Rubio (18%). In Virginia Rubio lost the race leader 3 percentage points (32% vs. 35%). These results can be slightly varied, so as at the moment haven’t counted all the votes.

Trump also took the lead in Vermont and Arkansas, where he will meet the Governor of Ohio John following keysik and Ted Cruz.

The Democrats are former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has won six States. Its only competitor, Bernie Sanders, was able to beat her in the primaries in Vermont, the Senator for whom he is, and in Oklahoma. In Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennis, Texas and Virginia Clinton gained more than 60% of the vote. She is also the leader in Massachusetts, however, the preliminary results of these primaries so far were not announced.

The Caucuses in Minnesota currently is leading Rubio and Clinton. In Colorado on Tuesday are only the Democrat Caucus meetings, where the leadership keeps the Sanders. In the near future should also be known the results of the primary elections of Republicans in Alaska.

In the primaries, voters of both parties to determine for whom to vote, the delegations from the States at party congresses in the selection of a presidential candidate this summer. “Super Tuesday” is usually the decisive stage in the struggle for the right candidates to represent the party in elections.

Previously, Donald trump had already won in the Caucuses in Nevada and primaries in new Hampshire and South Carolina. In Iowa the billionaire ustabil Ted Cruz. In turn, Hillary Clinton ustabil Sanders in new Hampshire and barely lost to him in Ivoa (the gap between the candidates was only 0.3 p. p.), but then has scored victories in Nevada and South Carolina.