Ukrainian deputies said a postponement of the decision on the abolition of visas with the EU

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman held today in Brussels negotiating with the EU representative for foreign policy Federica Mogherini. Both agreed that Ukraine needs urgent measures to exit the current political crisis. Also discussed was the implementation of the plan on granting Ukraine a visa-free regime. Mogherini stressed that the Parliament plays a decisive role in this matter, as it adopts laws necessary for visa liberalization.

Separate from Georgia

On Tuesday it became known that the European Commission decided to consider separately the Ukrainian and Georgian dossier on visa issues. “We would like simultaneously with Ukraine to get visa-free regime, however, today we know that review will occur separately”, — said the Georgian Ambassador to the EU Natalia Sabanadze journalists (quoted by “Interfax”). Foreign Minister Mikhail Janelidze said that the decision was taken during a recent visit to Brussels, Prime Minister of Georgia George Kvirikashvili.

Prior to this dossier of the two countries were considered together. MP Irina Gerashchenko wrote on Facebook that Ukraine insisted that the dossier was considered at the same time.

“Georgia has long demanded to share her and us. The Georgian government as a bone in the throat Saakashvili (former Georgian President) and the team that works in Ukraine. But opened them to protest because we have a common enemy and a common interest. In addition, the Georgian government is serious criticism from European bodies for pressure on the opposition and the media, so they really need a win, even with the opposition,” wrote the Deputy of Rada Vladimir Aryev in his Facebook.

Ukrainian brakes

Gerashchenko also noted that the consideration of the Ukrainian dossier will be delayed. This is due to the position of the Netherlands, the government considers that the visa issue should be addressed only after the country’s referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, she wrote. The referendum will be held on April 6. It is Advisory in nature, however, the government of the Netherlands promised that he will take note of it and will possibly take some steps.

The second reason for the delay is related to the fact that Ukraine has not yet earned the National Agency on corruption prevention.

The third problem that hinders the consideration of dossiers, the electronic Declaration of incomes and property of officials.

The EU demanded that Ukraine’s adoption of anti-corruption laws. First, the Parliament would postpone their consideration, therefore, was forced to give urgent consideration to them on 16 February. Then in the draft law on electronic Declaration have been amended to negate the requirements of the EU: postponement of the introduction of the electronic declaring of incomes of officials for 2017.

“It’s a straight barbell and wine of the Verkhovna Rada. There’s nothing to debate. It’s our fault. And here we need urgently to rectify the situation”, — said Gerashchenko.

Instead just cancel the edits on the transfer, the deputies added to the law a number of “innovations”, which substantially relax the requirement on Declaration, writes Ukrainian newspaper “Today”. In particular, the deputies decided that it is necessary to declare movable property, the value of which exceeds 150 times the minimum wage was increased the cost of the gifts that you need to specify in the Declaration, from 50 to 150 minimum wages.

“That’s the price of fraud with electronic declarations, implemented, unfortunately, some of the deputies of the MFP. Ukraine was separated from Georgia in the decision-making process on visa-free regime. The chances that Ukraine will cancel visas until mid-summer of 2016, has fallen significantly,” wrote the Deputy of BPP Sergey Leshchenko on his page in Facebook.

In the interests of Ukraine adversely affected the situation in the EU, indicates the Chairman of the faction PPO Yuriy Lutsenko. “Europe is shocked by a million Syrian refugees. To speak about a visa-free country for fighting in such conditions — unpopular” (quoted from his Facebook). He also said that in closed meetings the interlocutors in Brussels have pointed out, is that corruption in Ukraine is not defeated, it is impossible to agree on strategy with the country where the government has lost the support of a parliamentary majority.

Gerashchenko’s continued belief that Ukraine may get visa-free regime by year end. “In 2016 a visa-free regime will be, I was assured today, and in the European Commission and the European Parliament have a full understanding”, is an upbeat made after consultation Volodymyr Groysman (quote by – Ukraine)