Zakharov: Russian MFA administers to minors by Russians, taken to Syria

MOSCOW, March 2. The Russian foreign Ministry is actively addressing the situation with Russian citizen Anastasia Jalal, taken to Syria by his father over five years ago. About this stated the official representative of the guardian Maria Zakharova.

“If someone has the impression that the foreign Ministry is not involved, knows this is not true,’ she said. – The foreign Ministry is actively engaged, involved and will deal with this subject”. The diplomat expressed the hope that the girl will be able to find and make sure she’s okay.

According to Zakharova, in July 2010 the girl’s father Abdullah Jalal took the daughter, Anastasia, 2003 born in Syria. The girl is a citizen of the Russian Federation. According to the Ministry, his father left to live with his first wife, from his marriage with whom he has 14 children.

In 2012, the Consulate General in Aleppo have carried out an inspection of the place of residence Anastasia in Syria. “As a result of check it was revealed that the family where she is, is a large, low-income, the girl was untidy, did not attend school because of lack of money for education,” – said Zakharov.

The decision of the Lyubertsy court of Moscow dated 7 February 2012 Jalal deprived of parental rights. Trying to convince him to return the child to Russia gave no results. As noted by the representative of the foreign Ministry, he refused to take the daughter to Moscow, referring to Syrian law, whereby a child born to a father of Syrian is a citizen of Syria regardless of place of birth. “Such a child is considered by local authorities as a citizen of Syria regardless of the presence of another nationality,” – said Zakharov.

“Given the fact that Syria is not party to the Convention on the civil international the sequence of children of 25 October 1980, as well as the fact that between Russia and Syria to the Treaty on legal assistance in civil, family and criminal matters when such matters on Syria applies only to local legislation,” she said.

In this regard, said the diplomat, to travel independently from Syria Anastasia may only with the consent of the father or upon reaching the age of majority is 18 years.

Zakharova recalled that in 2013 the activities of the Russian Consulate in Aleppo has been discontinued, “was due to the ongoing fighting there”. “Accordingly repeated visits and observation of the conditions of residence of the child to the consular staff was not possible,” said she.

“We are in touch with Syrian authorities on this issue, – said Zakharov. – According to available information, which is indirect, a girl attends school, threat to life and health no.”