60 years Alexander Voloshin

March 3, marks 60 years to the former head of presidential Administration Alexander Voloshin.

In 1978 he graduated from Moscow Institute of transport engineers (now Moscow state University of railway engineering), specialty “engineer-electrician”, in 1986 – all-Union Academy of foreign trade on a speciality “the economist of foreign trade”.

From 1978 to 1983 he worked as an assistant locomotive operator, assistant foreman in the locomotive depot Moscow-Sorting of the Moscow railway (MOR). He was Secretary of the organization of all-Union Leninist Communist youth Union (Komsomol) of the station Moscow-Sorting MOR.

In 1986 – 1992- senior researcher, head of sector, Deputy head of Department research current situation of the all-Union market research Institute of the Ministry of foreign trade of the USSR (since 1992 – Russian market research Institute). Participated, in particular, in the preparation of the periodical “Bulletin of foreign business information”.

Since 1990 was engaged in entrepreneurship, he co-founded the closed joint-stock company (CJSC) “Analysis, consultations and marketing” (AK&M; economic monitoring, information Agency in the field of economy and Finance). In 1992, he was appointed Executive Director of AK&M, in 1992-1993 – Vice-President, 1995-1997 – President of the AK&M.

In 1993 he headed check investment funds “Olympus”, “the Prestige”, “Elite” and the financial company “Auto-invest”, which were subsidiaries “LogoVAZ”Boris Berezovsky and was engaged in buying up of vouchers.

In 1993-1996 – President of the brokerage company JSC “ESTA Corp.”, which was one of the largest dealers in the market of vouchers. The Corporation was led by operations with bonds of JSC “AVTOVAZ” and was the General distributor of JSC AVVA (“Russian Automotive Alliance”; belonged to Boris Berezovsky).

From 1996 to 1997 – President of JSC “Federal stock Corporation” (FFK), which was the General agent of the Russian Federal property Fund on carrying out of specialised auctions on sale of state-owned enterprises. The Corporation organized the privatisation of large shares in “the Siberian-far Eastern oil company”, “Orenburg oil joint-stock company”, “Tyumen oil company” Russian joint stock company (RAO) Gazprom, RAO “UES of Russia”, “Sibneft” and other companies.

From 1997 to June 1998 Alexander Voloshin was part of the Exchange Council of the Moscow stock exchange.

From March 1997 to October 2003 he worked in the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (presidency in this period was occupied by the Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin).

In 1997-1998 – Deputy chief of the Russian presidential Administration Valentin Yumashev.

From 12 September 1998 to 19 March 1999 – Deputy head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (in charge of economic issues). Office during this period were consistently headed by Valentin Yumashev, Nikolai Bordyuzha.

From 19 March 1999 to 30 October 2003 – the head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation (31 December 1999 and 27 may 2000, was reappointed by Vladimir Putin). Dismissed “at his own request”.

From 13 April 1999 to 12 November 2003 – the member of the security Council of the Russian Federation.

7 July 2010 by order of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev appointed head of the working group on creating an international financial centre with the Council under the RF President on development of the financial market of the Russian Federation.

On 25 June 1999 he was elected to the Board of Directors of RAO “UES of Russia” from June 28, 1999 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Was in this position until July 2008.

In 2004-2008 – member of the Board of Directors of open joint stock company (JSC) “Federal grid company of Unified energy system” (FGC EAC).

From 2008 to 2010 and from April to June 2011 – the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Mining and metallurgical company “Norilsk Nickel”.

From 2010 to 2014 Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Uralkali”.

Since 2010 – member of the Board of Directors of a public company with limited liability “Yandex N. In.” (Yandex N. V., owns the eponymous search engine).

2012-currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC “First cargo company” (the largest rail freight operator in Russia).