Beard, a balloon and the magician: what are your memories of Vladimir Churov at the head of the CEC

Beard, a balloon and the magician: what are your memories of Vladimir Churov at the head of the CEC

Vladimir Churov is not included in a presidential quota of the CEC members. This means that the current head of Centrizbirkom will leave the Commission. In the Kremlin the decision was termed a natural rotation. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the question of whether Churov offered to any other public office.

The Churov declined to comment. “The presidential decrees are not discussed”, – he said.

Your post he has held since 2007. However, the supervisor is known not only for his work as the head of the CEC, but also the unusual acts and utterances.

So, in 2015, he said that ordained the youngest leader of one of the tribes in Nigeria. And in the summer of 2012 the supervisor arrived at the youth forum Seliger on a bright red balloon.

TASS recalled the most memorable quotes Vladimir Churov.

About the beard

Upon election, the Chairman of the CEC in 2007, Churov promised to shave off his beard in case of unfair elections.

27 January 2012 a Deputy from the Communist party Anatoly Elbow on behalf of the faction gave Churov scissors. “I said that the scope of disorders like this that we need to deliver on their promises and shave,” said Elbow.

In July of the same year, the head of the CEC arrived at Seliger. Then one of the participants of the youth forum asked the hairs of his beard. “Not ladies. Each hair of the beard will not” – said the supervisor, Recalling that “a beard well-deserved, her 41 years”.

In October 2013, the supervisor said that I would never get rid of his beard.

After the age of 60 has ceased to cut. Want to take a picture with the Patriarch next. Who is better

About “the magician”

On 6 December 2011, after summarizing the results of voting at the elections to the state Duma, Dmitry Medvedev (who at the time was the President of the Russian Federation) called Churov the magician. “You the wizard almost, you so some leaders of parties called”, – Medvedev said. “I’m just practicing,” replied the supervisor.

In January 2013, the supervisor admitted that he feels is not a magician, and “the monument – a bronze rhinoceros”. He also complained that it hurt, and asked journalists “as little as possible” to write about it.

I’m not a man but a member of the CEC of the Russian Federation

About emmigrants

July 27, 2012, communicating with participants of the forum on lake Seliger, the supervisor responded dramatically about people leaving the country.

Those who put forward the thesis of “leave Raska”, deserves nothing but spit in the face

About the holiday

March 19, 2014 the supervisor admitted that he had not been in the Crimea since 1971, but to go there in the near future no plans, because I don’t intend to relax.

I’m not going to relax. A vacation is a crime, no matter what territory it passes

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