Extremism or schizophrenia: what is known about the motives of the child killed babysitter

The final charges

The indictment against Gulchekhra Bobokulov, while being in the status of suspect, will be issued on March 4, said the source in law enforcement familiar with the investigation. It confirms also a source “Interfax” in law enforcement. The Agency believes that Babakulova will impute three articles: “murder”, “intentional destruction of property by an arson” and “false communication about an act of terrorism” (article 105, 167 and 207 of the criminal code respectively). From the composition of these articles that RCDS do not see a direct link between the nanny and terrorist or extremist organizations.

As stated during the meeting of the Presnensky court the investigator TFR Olga Lapteva, while Bobokulov only suspect in the murder of a minor, obviously for guilty being in a helpless state (clause”b” part 2 article 105 of the criminal code). According to the Investigative Committee, the morning of 29 February, the nanny killed four-year-old girl, cut off her head and packing it in the package, put it in the backpack, then set fire to the apartment.

A source close to law enforcement, believes that the decision about how to sound the charge in a final version, will very much depend on the outcome of a psychiatric evaluation. Then will decide about re-training charges and whether to appear in a “terrorist” article.

By the will of Allah

Bobokulov herself on video, which appeared on the Internet (judging from the recording, it could be done immediately after her detention, but the origin of video unknown), explained their actions revenge President Vladimir Putin for the bombing and claims that he wanted to go to Syria.

The unknown person on the video sets a clarifying question, not whether the woman planned to join the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. “I don’t know. I live there wanted,” the woman replied. On this recording she said that she would like to live in a “Muslim city” where “a person [in women] is closed”.

Before the arrest Bobokulov came to the metro station “Oktyabrskoye pole” to cut off the child’s head and started shouting: “Allah Akbar!”

Bobokulov does not deny that he committed the murder. Before the meeting of the Presnensky court, which arrested her for two months, she explained to reporters his reasons: “Allah ordered”.


The Investigative Committee on March 3 urged a cautious approach to Bobokulov. “A person with a long-established diagnosis “schizophrenia” motive at the time of the crime, as a rule, does not coincide with the explanation that he gives after the fact, — reads the statement of the representative of the Department Vladimir Markin received . The more such crimes these people commit in the moment of a sharp aggravation of the disease, and explain their actions already in remission. So you can hear from them the most incredible and fantastic version of the explanation. I think if anyone should take seriously her words, so that specialists in the field of psychiatry.”

Markin noted that in a criminal case the suspect is held stationary psychological-psychiatric examination in Russia. According to Markin, the investigators also contacted colleagues from Uzbekistan, who have already expressed their willingness to assist in gathering information about the identity of the suspect.

The purpose of Babakulova psychiatric examination confirmed earlier the representative of capital Department of the TFR Julia Ivanova. Examination in the Serbsky Institute shall be held within at least month.

According to “Interfax”, the diagnosis “schizophrenia” was a suspect back in 1999. This information “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Samarkand region, where the woman moved to Russia. And in Samarkand regional mental hospital stated that Bobokulov was registered since 2003.

The father of Babakulova Bahritdin Turaev told “Газете.Ru” that his daughter was treated in the hospital. “She quoted some strange began to speak, her voice seemed, ceased to obey, aggression appeared in my life,” said Turaev. He also said that the police detained her eldest son. The reason for the detention Buraev’t know.

Were there accomplices

However, RCDS believes that a crime may be involved in other persons. “Till date not set accomplices and instigators of crime. Having been set free, Bobokulov able to communicate with them,” said the investigator Olga Lapteva in court. According to “Kommersant”, the TFR relates the partners of Babakulova roommate from Tajikistan who could captivate a woman with Wahhabi ideas.

On the evening of 2 March “Interfax” citing a source in law enforcement bodies has informed that in the phone Babakulova investigators found two numbers of subscribers, which were held at the orientations as associated with one of international extremist groups”. In the contact list Babakulova they were made this year, when she was on vacation in Uzbekistan. “On Monday, when the murder was committed of a child in an apartment on the street Militia, one of these callers hung up the phone”, — said the source “Interfax”. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that experts determine the whereabouts of both men and find out whether they were in Moscow and met with Bobokulov, including in the apartment where she worked as a nanny.

Markin in conversation with “Interfax” has denied the information about the numbers of extremists in the phone Bobokulov.

The source in law enforcement bodies considers that as a consequence high connects a roommate of the suspect with one of the smaller groups, however, the probability that the woman just used, as was the case with MSU student varvata Karaulova that decided to go to the territory of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” to see her lover.

The Chairman of the program “Religion, society and security” at the Moscow Carnegie Center Alexei Malashenko in conversation with has not excluded also that Bobokulov became a victim of manipulation. But, according to the expert, it is important to establish, provoked Islamist ideas are insanity.

The actions of the police

The Prosecutor’s office will check the actions of the police who arrested Bobokulov 29 February. As stated by Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman, the Supervisory authority finds out how quickly acted law enforcement agencies. Previously the police was criticized for the slowness of users in social networks, including the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexey Navalny.

The interior Ministry has not officially commented on the actions of the police, but the Deputy chief of police on operational work of the Department of internal Affairs on SZAO Moscow police Department Valery Krychenkov told “Novaya Gazeta” that the police took about 40 minutes to neutralize the suspect. “Delay was dangerous it: it’s mindless detention may result in the loss of employees and surrounding citizens. The first task is to quickly bring it under control and to evacuate people. One of the employees ran from the woman, it is on video. It’s not cowardice, he was obliged to do so,” said the policeman.

Krychenkov said that about 20 minutes later the woman was lying on the ground with my hands behind my head, but was not detained because there was “no reason”. “There was no point trying to hold her in this position, the more this requires special equipment, said Krucenko. — I just cold to lie down, got up and went towards the police officers. At that time, two solutions of the question: either to shoot or use physical force. Officer issued a second decision, in my opinion, it was risky enough”.