Former CEO of Google was engaged in innovation at the Pentagon

The Council for innovation – the structure of the Pentagon, the purpose of which will be the introduction of the latest achievements of Silicon valley in the work of the Ministry of defense. The appointment of Schmidt to the post of its head the head of Department, Carter explained the desire to attract the “best technical expertise, focused on innovation,” reports the press service of the Pentagon.

The Carter plan, the Council shall include 12 people, which was headed by the largest organizations, engaged in research in the field of technology. In particular, they should figure out how to use in the practice of military mobile and cloud applications and accelerate the implementation of prototypes.

Schmidt, who in 2010 joined the Board of Trustees of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, said he intends to build bridges between the U.S. military and companies engaged in high technology.

Ashton Carter this week visited Silicon valley and was the first in 20 years, the defense Minister visited innovation centre, reports Reuters. “If we fail to innovate, then we will not be the army needs and deserves our country”, – said the head of the Pentagon. According to him, to modernize it was necessary even earlier to keep the advantage over Russia and China who are improving the quality of its armed forces.

Eric Schmidt worked at Google since 2001. Under Barack Obama he joined the Council for science and technology under the President of the United States.