Kerimov Jr. agreed to purchase the “Formula Kino”

As reported by “Vedomosti” sources close to shareholders “Sinema Park” and “Formula Kino”, the negotiations for the purchase began in the middle of last year. Now the deal is signed and must be closed by 15 March.

Information about the transaction to the edition was confirmed by the General Director of “cinema Park” Goharik Kotanjyan, after the final redemption network will merge into one operating company. It is Kotanjyan and it will be to lead, although signs of cinemas will not change, not to carry out the rebranding, the newspaper reports.

The interlocutor of “Vedomosti”, who knows the details of the transaction, said that “cinema Park” will pay for “the cinema Formula” calculation of five of its EBITDA in 2015 — a total of about 5 billion rubles. Another source claims that the amount is much more, but doesn’t specify size.

“Cinema Park” belongs to 21-year-old Kerimov said that in 2014 it was bought by Vladimir Potanin. People close to the deal, said he paid the company about $300 million.

About 75% of shares of “Formula Kino” belongs to A1, the investment division “the alpha-Groups”, the rest — one of the founders of the network, Vladimir Zakharov.

The representative of “Formula Kino” have refused comments, the representative of A1 neither denied nor confirmed the sale of the network.