More than 30 communities in the province of Hama has joined the reconciliation process

More than 30 communities in the province of Hama has joined the reconciliation process

MOSCOW, March 3. More than 30 settlements in the Syrian province of Hama has joined the process of national reconciliation in Syria brokered by the Russian coordination center, told reporters the head of the group reconciliation Hama province, Lieutenant-Colonel Herman Rudenko.

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In the village Marzah previously held the Council of elders, in which Sheikh Ahmed Mubarak under the mediation of Russian officers of the coordination centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria signed with the local authorities the agreement on the accession of settlements to the peace process.

“The work is very meticulous and fragile, everything is based on religious and national issues, but in General about 30 settlements during the work group have signed the entry sheets about joining the peace process and negotiations”, – said Rudenko.

He said that the agreement offered for signature to the representatives of local authorities, includes paragraphs on non-use of weapons against government troops facilitating peace process and the agreement on the return of state authority in the region.
According to the head of group reconciliation, negotiations in some of the settlements are extremely difficult because of the lack of infrastructure, difficult food situation and the intimidation of local residents by terrorists.

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“When we started, it was very difficult to find contacts in the settlements, but thanks to the work of our group we managed to find a contact with Sheikh Mohammed, who agreed to help us in the negotiation process”, – said Rudenko.
Sheikh, in turn, noted the significant role of Russia in the launch of the reconciliation process in Syria.

“National truce due to the fact that the Syrian army repelled terrorists have captured many territories. This became possible due to Russia, which has made every effort, presenting a very promising project of national reconciliation in Syria,” said Sheikh Mubarak after the signing of the agreement.

He confirmed that at the moment he brokered the Russian coordination centre for reconciliation managed to unite more than 30 settlements in the province of Hama, and added that many new settlements have already expressed a desire to soon join the peace talks.

Sheikh also expressed confidence that the signing of agreements on reconciliation will have a positive impact on the conduct of regional elections to be held in Syria on 7 March.

“You see how trust has Sheikh Mubarak from residents of the province of Hama. Such people should continue to decide the fate of their country and to engage in its recovery after the war,” – said the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.