Moscow threatens US retaliation on the extension of sanctions

The Russian foreign Ministry expressed regret over the extension of sanctions by the United States and said that Moscow reserves the right to retaliate.

“It is regrettable that the US continues enthusiastically to play the sanctions against Russia than two years of trying to deflect responsibility for the coup in Ukraine, and now the deplorable consequences of the reign of his Kiev clients”, — said in a statement Russian foreign Ministry published on Thursday on the Ministry’s website.

The foreign Ministry also stressed that the extension of sanctions are not conducive “to a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, which has stalled because of the unwillingness of Kiev to fulfill Minsk agreements on Russian-American relations affects destructive way.”

The Foreign Ministry reminded that from the atmosphere of the dialogue between Russia and the USA “much depends in world Affairs, in global and regional security”. “Systematically undermining the framework of bilateral relations, the U.S. should be aware that by doing so undermine the possibility of interaction on key international problems, for assistance in the decision which they regularly turn to us”, — the statement stresses.

Moscow advised Washington “to realize the futility of its sanctions policy and the danger of the whole course of confrontation with Russia”. “Reserve the right to retaliate as we deem adequate to Russian national interests,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

On the night of Thursday, March 3, it became known that President Barack Obama signed a decree extending by one year the grounds for sanctions against Russia. It is about the renewal of the decree No. 13 660, which remains “a state of emergency, imposed in connection with attempts to undermine democratic processes in Ukraine, to violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity”. According to the signed document, the sanctions extended until March 6, 2017.