Putin sent to the CEC Churov Pamfilova instead

President Vladimir Putin created the five members of the CEC, it did not include the current head of the CEC Vladimir Churov, said on Thursday the Kremlin website. In the other two of the five new members of the CEC, formed by the state Duma and the Federation Council, the supervisor came, therefore, in the new composition of the Commission it will not, and it must give way to the Chairman.

In a new presidential five appeared Commissioner for human rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova. According to sources TASS, it will probably be the Chairman of the Commission. The same was reported and a source close to the Kremlin. Appointment to this position is authoritative, including in human rights circles, the figure is a continuation of the way to transparent and competitive elections, said the source . These same considerations previously, sources close to the presidential administration, explained the intention to replace Churov and significantly upgrade the electoral Commission.

Four out of five presidential appointees were new to the Commission. From the former it got only Boris Ebzeev. New members of the CEC, in addition Pamfilova, will Alexander Kinev, Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Vasily Likhachev and Evgeny Shevchenko.

Likhachev — Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party, former Deputy President of Tatarstan and a former Deputy Minister of justice of Russia. Shevchenko was presented to the CEC of the party “Patriots of Russia”. Previously non-parliamentary parties in the CEC was a part of the representative “the Apple” Elena Dubrovin, but the Federation Council, from which she was taken to the Commission, this time in its five not included. So Shevchenko will be the only representative of the small parties in the CEC.