“Rolf” will compete for new car brands for their salons

“We are working to have all the top twenty brands”, — said on Wednesday the Chairman of the Board of Directors of group Igor Salita. To expand the current brand portfolio, the group may as by securing new dealer contracts and through the purchase of existing dealers, added Salita.

The top twenty best-selling brands last year together sold about 1.46 million new cars. In just one year Russia has sold 1.6 million cars (AEB data). “Rolf” in the last year, sold 62 511 new machines for finishing, according to the CEO of “Rolf” Tatyana lukovetskaya the, 4% of the market.

While from twenty best-selling brands “Rolf” was missing two top — of Lada and KIA (in January they took the first and second lines by the number of sold cars). AVTOVAZ “Rolf” discussed a possible partnership, but now does not conduct negotiations, Lukovetskaya said. KIA, in her words, now is not expanding its dealer network, so Rolf is exploring options to acquire any of the existing dealers of the brand. But two leaders from the top 20 best selling brands by the end of 2015 in the portfolio of “Rolf” is not a Volkswagen, commercial vehicles, Gas, and Daewoo Datsun.

Until recently, Rolf was only 18 marks. Today, the group announced a merger with one of the oldest Moscow dealer “Pelican-Car”, which sells brand — BMW, Nissan and Skoda (the first two “Rolf” is still not there). “At Skoda and Nissan a high degree of localization, and BMW is the premium segment that will feel good,” reminds the Lukovetskaya.

The Pelican two Nissan dealership and one Skoda and BMW. Deal with the owner of “Pelikan-Auto” Igor Malyarov will be cash-strapped. He will receive new shares of the parent company “Rolf” — Cyprus Delance Ltd. The size of the package, according to Malyarov and Sality will be determined after the audit of the IFRS both companies. “Pelican” ten times less “Rolf”, and [the animators] debt,” says Painters. To give the exact amount of debt of his company he refused, having specified only that it is half of the value of its fixed assets. Painters, he said, is willing to work to further develop the company as a shareholder, in particular on a new strategy.

Now buy someone from the dealers is unnecessary overpayment, as the auto market contracts, and exempt the real estate, says the head of development management and real estate “Avtomir” Maksim Chumakov. Many dealers have closed or are in the verge of bankruptcy, and “Avtomir” is interested in such objects, he said, without specifying details. “Autoworld” in 2015 sold 38 199 cars.