The Cabinet will discuss the allocation of toponomy in connection with the accident at “North”

The Cabinet will discuss the allocation of toponomy in connection with the accident at “North”

MOSCOW, March 3 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting on Thursday of the government in the course of which a decision will be made on the allocation of the Komi Republic 38.4 million rubles from the reserve Fund of the Cabinet of Ministers appropriation for liquidation of consequences of failure on mine “Northern” in Vorkuta.

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About it reports a press-service of the government of the Russian Federation.

The accident occurred in February of 2016 at the mine “Severnaya”, has killed 36 miners and rescuers, of which the body 26 has not yet been found. Harm to health of various severity level have received 11 persons.

The money will be allocated for state support of the families and citizens affected by the accident.

That the victims and the families of the victims in the accident will provide assistance from the Federal budget in late February, reported Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Firenock and bills

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Among other issues on the agenda of the government meeting, – discuss the main directions of development of the financial market of the Russian Federation for the period 2016 – 2018. A report on this topic is expected to be delivered by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

The Cabinet also will consider five bills. Among them – the amendments to some legislative acts on regulation of activities of non-state pension funds.

The purpose of this bill is “formation of optimum system of motivation of subjects of relations on obligatory pension insurance, increase of transparency of expenditures at the expense of retirement savings and income from their investment to the Supervisory authority and insured persons”, noted in a press-service of the government.

Amendments to the law on the contract system in procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs, also standing in the agenda of the meeting will eliminate the legal conflicts and gaps in regulation in the field of contractors comply with the terms of the contracts for the construction or reconstruction of objects of capital construction in part of the stipulated price contract, as well as to minimize budget costs by reusing design documentation.

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The current wording of the law, according to the materials of the Cabinet of Ministers, does not contain mechanisms that are sufficiently motivating contractors to comply with the terms of contracts for the construction or reconstruction of capital construction in part of the stipulated price contract.

The government will discuss amendments to the code of administrative offences, aimed at creating conditions for the implementation of the provisions of one of articles of the code establishing liability for failure to provide or incomplete provision of cinemas information about films exhibited in the unified Federal automated information system.

Will be discussed and amendments to the Federal constitutional law “On military courts of the Russian Federation” aiming at elimination of existing contradictions in the legislation and providing that the security of judges of military courts and their families, along with the bodies of internal Affairs and the command of military units will be the bodies of military police of Armed forces of Russia.

Another bill amends the law on customs regulation, providing information interaction of customs authorities with banks electronically. This will optimize and expedite the enforcement of debtors with customs duties and penalties from the accounts of the payer of customs duties, according to the materials of the Cabinet.

In addition, the government will discuss submitting to the President proposals on signing the agreement between the Bahrain extradition submission for ratification the agreement with South Ossetia on the state border, signed on 18 February 2015 in Moscow and also the agreement on the procedure of formation and use of joint groups of specialists of border agencies for fast response to border security threats at the external borders of the States – participants of CIS (signed on October 10, 2014).

The distribution of subsidies

In conclusion, the Cabinet of Ministers will allocate a number of grants. Thus, in the framework of the state program “Economic development and innovative economy” is proposed this year to allocate regions around 9.6 billion rubles for co-financing of capital investments in objects of regional property undertaken for development of small and average business, and about 6 billion roubles to support small and medium enterprises, including peasant and individual farms.

About 81 million rubles proposed for co-financing regional programmes to promote the mobility of labour.

Finally, the Cabinet will discuss the distribution of regions in the current year, subsidies for co-financing of costs arising at provision of Russians with high-tech medical aid, is not included in the basic program of compulsory medical insurance. The amount of possible subsidies in the materials of the Cabinet is not provided.