The CEC without magic: what to expect from his successor Vladimir Churov

In the new “presidential five” members of the CEC was not Vladimir Churov, but there is a Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova, which, most likely, will head the Commission.

Artful makeup

The purpose of Permilovo will try the power of “makeup” to the already formed system of elections, says political analyst Alexander Kynev. Pamfilova has his personal reputation to cover made to the election law changes, he explains. The CEC is the body of law enforcement, so Pamfilova, not as a legislator, will not truly affect the electoral process, he said.

Assigning Pamfilova the head of the CEC, the presidential administration, primarily guided by the fact that knows her, watching her political activities for the past 20 years, said the head of the election monitoring movement “the Voice” Andrey Buzin. In the Kremlin are convinced that the familiar and “friendly” Pamfilova will be quite diplomatic to conduct elections in accordance with the views of the chief ideologist of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, he said. According to Elder, changing Churov on Pamfilova fits into the overall concept of the change strategy for the elections: from direct falsifications, which were observed during the Churov, the electoral supervision will be transferred at an earlier stage of the election campaign.

Pamfilova has a positive reputation in moderate of the liberals, and in General, “the presidential five” is characterized by the maximum openness and publicity of all 15 people, Buzin notes. According to him, this is done to create a sense of democratization of the electoral process.

From Gaidar to Putin

Pamfilova in public policy for nearly thirty years. She has worked as a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and then the Minister of social security in the governments of Yegor Gaidar and Viktor Chernomyrdin. In December 1993 he was elected to the state Duma from the block “Choice of Russia” was among the top three units together with Gaidar and Sergei Kovalyov, once a faction “Choice of Russia”. She later left the faction and party, and at the next election in 1995 was nominated from already created on the basis of the Republican party of the Russian Federation, the block “Pamfilova-Gurov-Lysenko”.

In 2000 Pamfilova became the first woman who took part in the presidential elections. She managed to gain the 1,01% of the vote. After the elections she was involved in human rights activities and founded the previously existing human rights organization “Civil dignity”.

Human rights Vladimir Putin has entrusted Pamfilova in 2002, when she became head of the presidential Commission on human rights. Two years later, the Commission was reorganized into the Council, whose Chairman was also Pamfilova. In this post Pamfilova worked until 2010, when, after a public conflict over the youth movements problemlessly she resigned and left Russia.

Four years later Pamfilova has returned to official advocacy: in 2014 she was replaced by Vladimir Lukin on the post of the Commissioner for human rights.

Policy soft power

When Ella Pamfilova returned to the civil service, becoming in 2014 the Commissioner for human rights instead of Vladimir Lukin, the work of this Institute has changed. Lukin often resorted to this form of influence on public policy as an appeal to the constitutional court of Russia in the interests of the applicants on the violation of human rights.

Pamfilova in the COP unlike Lukin virtually no complains. She refocused the work of the office of the Commissioner in close collaboration with the authorities. In less than two years that she is the Ombudsman Pamfilova began systematically to organize meetings of regional commissioners for human rights with representatives of Executive power and the presidential administration. The latest seminar with the participation of the regional Ombudsman Pamfilova held two days before the appointment of the CEC. The seminar was attended by deputies of the Prosecutor General and the interior Minister and first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin.

In this post Pamfilova, in particular, tried to soften the law on NGOs — foreign agents. In November 2014, Vladimir Putin agreed with its proposal to enshrine in law the possibility of withdrawal from the register of foreign agents.

For advisers

Pamfilova — a true political veteran, she has always, since Boris Yeltsin, had direct communication with the first person, recalls Alexei Chadayev.

In his post, it has repeatedly expressed support for the opposition. In 2009, she stood up for the journalist Alexander Podrabinek after the attack on the Pro-Kremlin movement “Nashi” associated with the publication of the article “As an anti-adviser to the anti-adviser”. For support Podrabinek Pamfilova has been criticized by close to the Kremlin human rights defenders and members of the public. In particular, the then member of the Public chamber Olga Kostina called behavior Pamfilova “poor”. This was followed by another conflict Pamfilova — this time with Vasily Yakemenko and Pro-Kremlin youth movements, says a former head of the political Department of “United Russia” Alexey Chadaev. At the youth camp on lake Seliger Pro-Kremlin activists placed pictures of liberal journalists and human rights defenders, among whom were the images of Lyudmila Alexeeva with Nazi symbols and the words “you ain’t welcome Here”.

After all the scandal in 2010 Pamfilova resigned. Her care was associated with the conflict with the first Deputy head of the administration Vladislav Surkov, but she in an interview to “Kommersant” said that “didn’t leave “our” and other edinorossovsky functionaries”. His decision to resign, she explained the lack of “development and faith in the result.”

Despite stressed the constructive attitude to the authorities, Pamfilova, as before, acts with criticism of its members. In February 2016 Pamfilova denounced the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov for his statements in the address of the opposition, whom he described as enemies of the people and urged them to judge for subversive activity. According to Pamfilova, such statements Kadyrov has President Vladimir Putin disservice.