The CEO of IATA expressed support for the resumption of flights over the Crimea

MOSCOW, March 2. The CEO of the International air transport Association (International Air Transport Association, IATA) Tony Tyler noted the need for the resumption of flights over Crimea and urged all parties concerned to sit down at the negotiating table.

“Of course, to IATA and member airlines of the Association in the first place security. Now it is not clear who controls this airspace, and there are risks that should be taken into account. We need to have a meeting with the participation of all stakeholders for discussion and agreement of plan of further actions aimed at the establishment of airspace with strict requirement of air safety,” said Tyler in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

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According to him, it all depends on how much time will be required for the approval of the relevant parties of necessary measures. “For the past several months, airlines overfly that territory. It is important that this happen as soon as possible”, – he noted.

On 17 February the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) announced that airlines can consider flying over parts of Crimea that were previously closed. EASA recommended that two air routes (L851 and M856) over the Western part of the Black sea, proposed by Ukraine in the complex of measures to restore the use of air routes in the area.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has requested approval of a special EAA routes over the Crimea last summer. But the Agency is not recommended to launch flights in connection with the failure of the Ukrainian side in the Russian sovereignty over the Peninsula.

Tyler also said that the current situation in the airline industry contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for airline passengers.

“Passengers expect very favorable conditions. The airfares are dropping. Prices are set based on market situation. Given the weakening global economy and growth in capacity on international markets. As far as I know, in Russia the government has reduced the VAT for the domestic market. In our opinion, this increases the demand on the domestic market. I believe that the prices will be very competitive, and passengers expect very favorable conditions,” he said, answering the question about the change in ticket prices this spring.

International air transport Association was established at an International conference of carriers in Havana (Cuba). Today it includes 260 airlines.