The main on the Internet: how the business of Herman Klimenko

“You can have a business that you have, as required, in accordance with the law to pass,” — so Vladimir Putin urged German Klimenko become his Advisor at the meeting with representatives of the IT sector on December 22. Two weeks later a decree appointing Kremlin official known entrepreneur, the founder of the Institute of development Internet (IRI), was signed.

Klimenko has already extended to the entire business on to a son, although does not exclude the sale of assets, if the “find buyers”, said the Advisor to the head of state . His business interests are diverse and involve not only the Runet is Finance, media and advertising market, the supply of equipment and medicines. How many companies founded official, he does not specify. “Everything’s already discovered,” says Klimenko.

Episode 0. Serial the Internet guy

Klimenko says that he was over half of Internet projects, but “flew” a few, including the famous catalogue from which “grew” The exact number of successes and failures Klimenko refused to name: “it’s Important not to show anyone his or her graveyard”. and service statistics Klimenko was created to “promote the audit firm on the Internet.” These sites in 2000 he sold to the owner of the company NetBridge Yuri Milner $1 million he Now believes that deal is a mistake: “it is Impossible to sell everything, because then you have to start from scratch, but on the Internet it is difficult to do”. Statistics created Klimenko, is still one of the best analytical services in the Russian Internet, says blogger Anton Nosik: it has remained almost unchanged since then, as Milner bought it from Klimenko, but still is the basis

Klimenko for several years became part of the shareholders NetBridge, but then left the company. At the launch of a new project — service statistics and blogging platform — it took him two years. Now Liveinternet is registered on the virgin Islands company Ventail Limited, the proceeds of its legal entity in Russia — LPSR — in 2014 amounted to 18.4 million rubles, profit 656 thousand rubles Klimenko always dreamed of creating a “second “Yandex”, and become “second Volozh”, but too save money on their projects, so try from Liveinternet to make the Internet giant “by two programmers and three server failed”, says a friend of the official.

In January 2016 a lot of fuss about the material of the newspaper “Vedomosti”, in which Klimenko has called the owner of the torrent tracker Roskomnadzor and copyright owners are fighting torrents, accusing them of copyright infringement. According to the service Whois, domain owned by the company “ECO PC — Complex solutions”. According to the information in the SPARC, it is 100% owned by its General Director Alevtina Jacobson, in comments to Firrma portal Klimenko called “old employee”.

found that with “ECO PC — Complex solutions” was related to another business adviser to the President: in 2006, according to SPARK, he sold this company another company — “Skyscraper”, established two years earlier. “Skyscraper” was engaged in bidding supply of computer equipment in Moscow universities and authorities. In 2005, the revenue of “Skyscraper” amounted to 49 million rubles, with profits of 50 thousand rubles, in 2007 — 42 million rbl., and profit increased sharply to 1.2 million rubles.

From 2007 to 2010, “Skyscraper” has supplied computers, laptops and printers to the Institute of oil and gas. I. M. Gubkin Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation, follows from the data of SPARK. In 2011 completed several large contracts for the Department of information technology of Moscow, for example, equipped with computer equipment Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”. In total, the sum of the orders of the company for these years amounted to 57,7 million roubles.

Episode 1. Banks, audit and legal services

After retirement from the army in 1993 Klimenko due to links of mother Board member of Promstroibank of Russia — settled in the Irkutsk branch of the Artisanal commercial Bank and then moved to Bank “the Russian credit” and to 1996-th grown to a branch Manager.

In the mid-1990s, one of “daughters” “the Russian credit” it took an external audit, but the price tag for the service was higher than the amount which management was willing to spend. Bosses offered Klimenko, who, by his own words of counsel, “just mastered accounting on the computer,” to take a contract on myself. To do this, he registered the company “RK-Audit” (from the first letters of the name of the Bank) and became its sole owner. For three and a half years of “RK-Audit” managed to earn enough to buy his own office on the Earthworks. Today auditing company 100% owned by the mother Klimenko. According to the SPARK database, the revenue of “RK-Audit” in 2014 amounted to 4.9 million rubles, profit — 119 thousand rubles.

Together with “RK-Audit” in 1996, Klimenko opened the law firm “Turagentstvo” (before the renewal of the asset at the son of the adviser of the President it belonged to 80%, the remaining 20% were “RK-Audit”). “Turagentstvo” (revenue in 2014 — 1.3 million rubles., profit — RUR 174 thousand) registered a few websites that provide services for registration of offshore companies and opening accounts in foreign banks. Klimenko does not hide this fact: “I Have one of the first appeared in Moscow registration of offshore companies. You see, in our country nobody does not register offshore companies for knowingly illegal Affairs — basically all are registered abroad because of the gaps in the law, as the same “Yandex” in Holland”. Today this business has almost disappeared, said the official.

In 1998 Klimenko bought a stake in the Bank “Quota”, which was subsequently renamed ivy Bank. “[Bought] into debt after the crisis, banks were remarkably cheap,” he explained “Izvestia”. Klimenko headed the Bank from 2000 to 2008. Today, the presidential adviser in the share capital is owned directly 3,8%, 6% associated with it “3ДНьюс”.

Through the structure MMZ “Znamya” indirect co-owners of ivy Bank are the state Corporation “rostech” (it owns of 11.45%) and Roman Trotsenko, former President of the United shipbuilding Corporation and Advisor to the President of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. Klimenko said that never “seen” on the shareholders of the Bank: “I stayed in ivy Bank solely at the request of the Manager of Alexander Plushenko. We had the idea to make from the Bank is something more than technological”.

At ivy Bank are serviced by a number of companies to whom Klimenko, for example, “3ДНьюс” it opened the account and issued salary cards of employees. Help “3ДНьюс” and “RK-Audit”: the company maintains an audit and accounting services from the very beginning of cooperation Klimenko portal — since 2003, says the management portal, a longtime business partner Klimenko Aleksandr Ordzhonikidze.

Advisor to the President also listed as the founder and co-owner of portal for brokers (founded by a former journalist Timothy Martynov). “My part was to create a community and manage them, while Herman gave servers, programming, and expertise in the field of Internet business,” says Martynov.

One of the last undertakings of banking Klimenko was scoring a business assessment of the credibility of the data that the client provides the Bank and its solvency on the basis of conduct in the Internet. The service was called Fastscoring, but strong demand for technology has not been, the official said. A source in one of the major credit bureaus, recalled that when Klimenko “went on the market and selling the service”, the asset compared to the systems used in large banks, looked “rustic”. According to the source , none of the major customers offer Klimenko wasn’t interested.

Episode 2. Advertising

MediaTarget advertising network Klimenko was launched on the basis Liveinternet in 2008: she used statistical resources of the counter for the target audience. Later, many assets on the Internet he received because of the advertising resource: “Slice in the business for advertising — we have always worked on this model”. All of such transactions was about 30, “maybe even more”, said Klimenko.

In 2003 he became co-owner of the edition about computer technologies “3ДНьюс” ( Alexander Ordzhonikidze, who is friends and works with Klimenko 2001, recalls that initially, the main owner “3ДНьюс” Kuzin Andrey Klimenko attracted to the sale of an asset as “a man versed in the financial and banking business.” In her words, “came to him three or four buyers, and then he [Obama] said [Cousin]: well, I will buy it”. In the end, Klimenko acquired 50% with the condition that they Kuzin will give 8% of Ordzhonikidze and it will become the Manager of the portal. Revenue “3ДНьюс” in 2014 amounted to $ 37.4 million rubles, profit — 154 thousand roubles, Analysts “Finam” for “News” valued the company at 320 million rubles Share Klimenko entrusted to the son of an official, but in a short time can be sold Ordzhonikidze, confirms it.

On the “advertising model” Klimenko received the 30% Agency content marketing “Texterra”. The Agency, according to its website, works with such clients as a service “Products” retailer “the Messenger” and online broker Saxo Bank. According to SPARK, the two legal entities related to the Agency “Web Agency Texterra” (revenue in 2014 — 21,4 million rbl., profit — 471 thousand) and “Internet Agency Texterra” (financial results not disclosed).

“Texterra” — average revenue regional Agency, says Alexey Ramensky, chief editor of the portal “Tagline”, which focuses on the evaluation of digital agencies. In an annual ranking of 150 of the leading Russian digital agencies, which is “Tagline”, “Texterra” is not included. According to Ramensky, the Agency quickly managed to become popular and attract customers thanks to the partnership with Klimenko.

In 2011 he, together with a digital division VGTRK has created a Fund, which, he said, was to buy a share in the business in exchange for advertising on the Internet. The founders of the company “Center for support of Internet business” (“Center PIB”) acted as LPSR (parent company Liveinternet) and the company “Digital technologies”, which feature digital projects of the state holding. This project lasted a year through the Fund there have been no transactions, says Klimenko. Revenue “Center PIB” revealed only in 2011 year 572 thousand.

Episode 3. Healthcare & real estate

In August of 2014 a longtime partner Klimenko Sergey Shestakov invited him in non-core Advisor to the President business AllinOne Network company, which is engaged in medical diagnostics and electronic Commerce in the pharmaceutical market. The AllinOne has offices in Moscow and Dubai.

In 2011, AllinOne, together with the pharmacy chain “36.6” and A5 became a co-founder of the company “Dragstarted”. The partners had planned to develop it further DSTech service that allows you can search and book medication database networks “36,6”, and A5 “Mosoblpharmacia” (also included in group A5). Distance selling of medicines has become one of the favorite topics Klimenko is already in the works in Iran.

In conversation with the adviser of the President recognizes that with the help of AllinOne “picked up a little knowledge about the pharmacy business”. “I suspect that I defend the interests of uptechnical in the advocacy of distance selling over the Internet,” he says. Klimenko insists that any desire to engage in “Drugstorecom” he was not — in the project just “the Internet”.

Shestakov (was the CFO portal that Milner bought together with and then the Executive Director in conversation with ruled out the possibility of a conflict of interest Klimenko. “Our company does not conduct activities in Russia in 2014, and Herman left the company in early 2015, when nobody imagined that it would appoint to such a powerful position,” he explains.

Klimenko also owned portal for searching, selling and renting of real estate abroad “The project we did with the “Textarray,” says Klimenko. But business is not has gone: “We never got the single deal, although I’d love to”.

Today Klimenko wants to buy “restaurant opposite the office” and call him “Counselor” in honor of his new position. Contain a school official wants through crowdfunding — the money of friends and acquaintances. But complains that the landlord asks for a high price, and he is ready to consider other proposals for the project.

Episode 4. The media business

In March 2015 hacker group “Anonymous international” posted in the Internet e-mail allegedly officials of the President administration Timur Prokopenko, from autumn 2012 to spring 2014 oversaw the Internet in the Department of internal policy of the Kremlin. A few letters mentioned the last project Klimenko — news aggregator “Mediametrics”, which has already launched an online radio station and plans to launch an online TV channel. Klimenko insists that “Mediametrics” never had anything to do with the Kremlin administration and business or affiliate offers either, nor on the other hand were reported.

About who exactly belonged to the idea, which later grew favorite Klimenko project — “Mediametrics”, Advisor to the President and his friends argue. According to a former top Manager Mikhail Gurevich, he asked his employee Sergey Kravtsov (he oversaw the QIP (messenger, ICQ) agree with Klimenko based on Liveinternet data to build the analysis of the “virality” of content — how active users do repost them on social networks.

In turn, Kravtsov says the company, which was engaged in the development of the QIP, “Russian Internet Solutions” was operationally Autonomous from the holding company. “We are quite active with Herman Klimenko always discussed the possible transformation of statistics and messengers. The mechanism of news from 5-6 years ago was simple — users were throwing each other links. It is shortchanging themselves of links was the most interesting task I have actually outlined for Klimenko, and in co-operation counters LI began to count and collect statistics”, — said Kravtsov.

Klimenko insists that “Mediametrics” — his project, although “without Kravtsova has not done,” but adds that the original idea for creating a news aggregator he didn’t like. “But it was a very popular topic of social networks, and my programmer Maxim Zotov, who “wrote” Liveinternet, jumped at the chance. The first version hung half a year, and we already didn’t pay attention, and then I accidentally threw back the traffic and saw the return of one to four, and then realized that we found a goldmine — breeding traffic,” he says.

“Mediametrics” will not legally registered as long as long as the project does not appear outside investors, says Klimenko. “Costs “Mediametrics” where 120 leading producing 12 hours of original content a day, be at least 25-26 thousand rubles per month, another 15 thousand rubles — coffee and tea for guests”, — says adviser to the President. Investors ‘ money is needed not for the development of the project, and for advertising. “I have very good and fast to take off,” he said.

In emails published by hackers, allegedly Klimenko explains that the main goal of the project is to “beat” aggregator “Yandex.News” — to give more than 9 million visits to the online media a day, and subsequently to circumvent and services “Medialogia”. The total audience according to statistics Liveinternet, in January was 4.5 million people, “Yandex.News” in the same month, according to TNS Russia, — 23.3 million

In mid-March 2016 channel “Mediametrics” should start broadcasting in a cable network operator subsidiary of MegaFon, NetByNet, says Klimenko. The end of the year he expects to increase the daily audience of the portal up to 1-1,5 million people.