The media learned about the request of American intelligence not to buy a software “virus”

Russian hackers, supported by Moscow, can enter the American industrial computer network using software “Kaspersky Lab”. This is stated in the notice of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of the United States, which, according to The Washington Free Beacon, was sent to the Pentagon.

Officials from the defense, which had seen the document, told the publication that the fear of representatives intelligence causes the possible acquisition of products, “Kaspersky” American companies working in the field of electricity and water, as well as other industrial sectors. The office believes that the software may allow hackers to gain access to control systems and data collection, as well as to the programs that are responsible for the functioning of the electricity, oil and gas networks, water supply, sewage treatment and dams.

In addition, an unnamed U.S. officials said that hackers from Russia and China engaged in “kybernetikos” in industrial networks for future attacks.

The military intelligence Pentagon refused to comment on the received publication information. In “Kaspersky Lab” said that their products are designed to protect from intruders and malicious threat and can’t be used to harm any organization or entity.

“We do not develop software for hacking and was never helped and is not going to help any government of the world to arrange attacks in cyberspace”, — emphasized in the company. In “Kaspersky Lab” is also promised at the end of the year to produce a product which is designed to protect industrial control systems.

In the past, Russian hackers have been suspected in attacks on industrial networks. Thus, experts on cyber security from the USA came to the conclusion that hackers from Russia can be involved in the attack on the Ukrainian power grid that led to power outages in some regions of the country.