Truckers have started to impose penalties for nonpayment of travel in the system “Platon”

The owners of the trucks since mid-February, receive fines for unpaid passage on Federal highways through a system of “Plato”. This was told by the owners of heavy duty vehicles and has confirmed a source close to the operator “Plato”, — “RT-invest the Transport system” (RTAS). According to him, only until 15 February 2016 the traffic police inspectors wrote about 1 thousand of decisions on penalties for the sum about 5 million roubles “About the same statistics in other working days,” he says. If we assume that the collection of fines began on 15 July, it appears that in February (including public holidays) could be issued fines amounting to about 50 million rubles.

The representative of RTAS these figures are not commented on. But reports that in the last days the number wishing to register in the system increased.”In many offices “Plato” in different cities people come from fines and shall be recorded in the system. For example, in Kirov, Voronezh, Belgorod, Cheboksary, Naberezhnye Chelny, Krasnodar”, — he enumerates.

The representative of traffic police has not yet responded to the request . Earlier in the beginning of February, several top managers of the bus companies and close to the “Rosavtodor” the source told that the traffic police does not penalise for non-payment of travel on Federal highways. Interlocutors attributed this to the fact that not smooth interaction of traffic police and TITS. At the end of 2015, Vedomosti wrote that in the levying of fines there is an informal moratorium. With reference to officials in the transport sector, the newspaper noted that truck drivers are not fined, so how does the indication in the top — not to fine, until you decrease the intensity. But this did not apply to foreign carriers, which was fined in December 2015.

Fines collected by the traffic police over an unpaid fare on Federal highways, according to the legislation, directed to regional budgets.

To collect fees from heavy vehicles for travel on Federal highways in the state beginning November 15, 2015. To pay the fare carriers needs across the system “Platon”. Operator in 2014 without any competition the company RTFS (50% owned by Igor Rotenberg, another 50% — to businessman Andrew Shipilova and structures “Rostec”). Initially, the penalties for non-payment of the fare was 450 thousand rubles for the first violation and 1 million rubles for repeated. But on 15 December, President Vladimir Putin signed a law under which the fines were reduced to 5 thousand roubles and 10 thousand roubles accordingly.

Data about violators and the facts of non-payment “Plato” collects automatically with the means to record and process offences from November 15, says the representative of RTAS. The operator acts in accordance with police protocols and the penalties charged by the Inspectorate, he explains. The representative of the Agency to comment on the interaction between the operator and the traffic police did not, but confirmed that the means of fixation of the fines started to work.

According to traffic police, in Russia, 1.8 million heavy trucks, but the system “Plato” does not apply to 500-600 thousand units of special equipment, mining trucks and 200-300 thousand other cars that do not use Federal highways, and old trucks that are idle. That is, under the “Plato” fall to 1 million cars. The representative of Rosavtodor reported that on March 3, in the system registered more than 650 thousand vehicles.

According to Rosavtodor, from 15 November 2015 to March 3, via “Plato” has collected more than 4.2 billion rubles If the fees remain at this level per year will be collected not more than 12.6 billion rubles instead of the expected 40 billion rubles (at the rate of 3.06 rubles. per kilometer). Thus, under the terms of the concession agreement, the Agency annually must pay TITS by 10.6 billion rubles for the creation and maintenance of the system. The agreement is valid for 13 years.

It was previously reported that due to freezing of tariffs on “Plato” at 1.5 rubles per kilometer, the Federal budget will lose in 2016 to approximately $ 16.6 billion roubles It will reduce revenue to the road funds, was discussed in the draft anti-crisis plan from the middle of February (have). To raise the collection system and increase the number of registered users, RTAS announced that from 15 April will no longer be able to issue a one-route map that does not require compulsory registration.