WSJ: Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan, most likely, will not place Eurobonds of the Russian Federation

NEW YORK, March 3. /Corr. Ivan Sawyers/. Us banks Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan, most likely, will not participate in placing of the Russian Eurobonds for $3 billion this is stated in an article published Wednesday in the electronic version of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

According to sources, the reason of such decision of the management of financial institutions was the stance taken by the state Department and the U.S. Treasury. In late February, the newspaper reported citing informed sources that the Department has encouraged some large us banks to refrain from buying Russian government bonds.

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As noted in the article, J. P. Morgan not to participate in the placement of Russian Eurobonds is final, at Goldman Sachs it will be accepted “most likely”.

The Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov on February 26 said that Moscow plans to borrow $3 billion on foreign markets this year in one tranche and the issue of Eurobonds of the Russian Federation will take place irrespective of the consent for the provision of accommodation services from the American banks. Earlier, the Finance Ministry has sent requests to three Russian and 25 foreign Bank, including Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

As reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, Washington made this recommendation to financial institutions under the pretext that the purchase of Eurobonds of the Russian Federation may decrease the effectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions. According to the publication, directly prohibit American financial institutions was not made public, however, the representatives of the state Department indicated that the purchase of Russian bonds “would run counter to the course of American foreign policy.”

The United States began to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with events in Ukraine and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia in March 2014. The bills got a number of Russian banks and companies, as well as civil servants was prohibited “export of American goods, technologies and services to Crimea”. American investment in the Peninsula, too, was outlawed.

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