Yevgeny Roitman and “rosteh” invested in manufacture of microdisplays

The founder of the group “Antares” Yevgeny Roitman has invested in a joint venture with a subsidiary of state Corporation rostec, which produces microdisplays. This was announced by the representative of the joint venture and confirmed himself Roitman.

Production company engaged in “Technology of organic and printed electronics” (TOPE). She was 49.5% owned by the company “Masinter” Roitman and 50.5% to Central research Institute “Cyclone”, which is owned by “rosteh”, follows from the information in the database SPARK.

The share capital of the company 581,5 million rubles that is how much was invested in the project in 2014, said the representative of TAPE. Thus, both shareholders invested about $8 million, the Profit will be distributed among the shareholders according to their shares in the company, says the representative of TAPE. According to him, to recoup investments, the company plans at least every five years. While TAPE unprofitable: in 2014, the loss amounted to 6.7 million rubles on revenue of 46.4 mln.

The microdisplays are not the final product — they are used in various devices intended primarily for the army, such as the imaging cameras, scopes and binoculars. Today such devices are used mainly displays in the United States, and sometimes China, said the representative of TAPE. According to him, the average cost of one of the Russian display production is $700, the device is cheaper than the American counterpart, the price of Chinese displays starting at $600.

Their products TAPE going to sell these companies, such as Schwabe (manufactures optical products) and the “Cyclone” is a subsidiary of Rostec, as well as manufacturers of aircraft equipment. Mass production of displays has not yet been established: to go with foreign equipment to Russian companies need to change documentation and to certify production, explains the representative of TAPE.

For “future big buyers” released installation series of about 200 microdisplays. The company can produce from 4 thousand to 8 thousand units a year, but to forecast sales not ready. To begin the active production of TAPA hopes in the second half of 2016, says her representative.

Roitman is known more for its interest in the telecommunications market. He owns a group “Antares”, which builds a network of new mobile operator in Moscow. Roitman partner on this project became a billionaire Musa Bazhayev, who last year sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with the request to support the project of creation of a 4G operator, wrote. Date of launch “Antares” is still unknown.