Arkady Novikov, will open its first restaurant in the U.S.

Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, the owner of Novikov Group, will open the first restaurant in the United States. He told “Vedomosti”. “The U.S. market seems to be promising, we decided to start with Miami there’s a lot of visitors who know and visit Novikov London, Dubai, Moscow, plus it was a good premise with a great location,” explained Novikov. He stressed that if the project in Miami will, the development in America will continue.

The Novikov restaurant Bar & Grill opens franchise in the turret of the M1 complex Metropolitan Miami (Miami), quoted by “Vedomosti”, the new York real estate magazine The Real Deal words Lila stern, Director of the broker of this complex. According to him, the restaurateur’s partner in this project is the development company of MDM Group Miami. Novikov confirmed this information.

Stern said that the Novikov restaurant located on 8500 square meters and will open in early 2017. Novikov said that currently in design, choice of materials, designed kitchen. The exact date of opening is difficult to call, he said.

He also said that the restaurant in Miami is designed for 220 places, investments are not yet fully defined, and the payback period depending on them will be 3-4 years. The kitchen will be predominantly Asian. Average bill will be about $100.

The first franchise restaurant of Novikov Group opened in Dubai in 2015. It became a joint project with Alexander Orlov, President, Bulldozer Group holding, which includes the network “Tanuki”, “Benvenuto”, the restaurant “Fish”. Also at Novikov Group restaurants in London.