In Russia for the first time approved a private project for space tourism

A private space company “Kosmocar” the first in Russia has received from the state Corporation “Roscosmos” a permit to develop the project of a reusable system for flying space tourists, said the CEO of the company Pavel Pushkin on Friday at the forum InSpace. He noted that the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov “hurrah embraced the project and gave the order to contribute to this project”, reports TASS.

According to Pushkin, the technical specification for the development of a set of agreed industry Institute TsNIIMash and the Center of a name of Keldysh.

“Kosmocar” with 2020 is planning to hold “space tours at the height of the orbit Gagarin on open path”, reported on the official website of the company. Total tour time will be 15 minutes, of which 5-6 minutes tourists will spend in weightlessness, the information on the website. The cost per ticket ranging from $200 thousand to $250 thousand Reusable suborbital spacecraft, which is developing a company that will seat six space tourists and the instructor.

The creation of a suborbital craft to send tourists into space is also provided by Virgin Galactic, owned by British billionaire Richard Branson. In 2014, the ship SpaceShipTwo, developed by the company, crashed during testing.

In February 2016, Virgin Galactic unveiled a new corral Unity, created on the basis of SpaceShipTwo. The ship is designed to deliver into orbit two pilots and six space tourists, who can spend in weightlessness for up to three minutes. The timing of the first tourist flights into space Virgin Galactic has not yet calls.