Media: Turkish companies intend to appeal the decision “Gazprom” about reduction of gas supplies

ANKARA, 3 March. Turkish gas companies are going to court to appeal the decision of “Gazprom export” on the reduction of gas supplies. This was reported by the newspaper Hurriyet referring to not named sources.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, “the companies-importers from Turkey strive the most to positively resolve the problem in accordance with the agreement concluded with Gazprom. But if that is not possible, then “the matter will be submitted to international arbitration”, he said.

In February, the Agency Bloomberg referring to a source in the energy Ministry of Turkey reported that “Gazprom” has reduced deliveries of gas to private importers from Turkey by 10%. According to the news Agency, this decision was made after the Turkish company refused to pay for gas at higher rates.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Russian company on February 25 announced the continuation of negotiations with gas consumers in Turkey and about the mood in the stable contractual relationships.

Private companies account for about 20% of all purchases of Russian gas by Turkey, about 80% of gas Russia imports controlled by the state company BOTAS.

In January, the Anatolian Agency reported that Gazprom abolished the effect of 10.25 per cent discount on gas, which was used by six Turkish private sector companies, importing in accordance with the agreements reached 10 billion cubic meters of fuel per year. However, a Russian source familiar with the situation denied this. He said that Gazprom canceled a discount of 10.25% on gas for six Turkish importers, the negotiations continue. According to him, the discount was granted from 1 January 2015, but now due to the drop in gas prices is discussed the issue of opting out.

October 26, 2015 oil and gas company BOTAS turned to international arbitration to resolve the issues of providing discounts for Russian gas, which was purchased from December 29, 2014, the Parties were to sign the relevant agreements, as is already agreed on the provision of discounts, but these documents were not signed. An appeal to the court provided by the terms of agreements between companies BOTAS and “Gazprom”. Later in the Ministry of energy and natural resources of Turkey reported that the issue of lowering the price of Russian gas can be resolved without a trial, if Russia will provide a discount of 10.25%, which was the agreement.