Sellers of electronics reduced the price on iPhone and iPad

Due to the Koreans

Russian sellers of electronics changed the prices of the gadgets of the two largest producers in March as compared with January prices on smartphones and tablets Apple decreased, while the cost of Samsung devices increased. analyzed the change of prices listed on the websites of retailers 3-4 March, compared with data on 12 January.

Among retailers that lowered prices for Apple equipment and has increased the price of Samsung, — “Svyaznoy”, “Eldorado”, “Beeline” and MTS. Most often cheapened the latest model of iPhone-6s: “Beeline” price of the device decreased by an average of 2-3 thousand rubles (depending on memory), “Eldorado” — on 1,5–2 thousand roubles, “the Megaphone” — 2 thousand rbl., at “Coherent” — 2-3 thousand rubles.

Tablets Apple also fell. Price reduction, “Beeline” ranged from 100 to 2,5 thousand rbl. (depending on model) in “Eldorado” the cost of devices decreased to a maximum of 1,8 thousand rbl., in “Euroset” — on 2,5 thousand rbl., MTS — 500 to 3,2 thousand rbl., in “the Messenger” — from 500 to 2 thousand rbl.

Gadgets Korean Samsung, in contrast, has risen. Prices for smartphones and tablets South Korean manufacturer has increased in “El Dorado” (on the average on 2 thousand rbl.), MTS (has risen in price most models, the growth amounted to 7 thousand rubles.), “M. Video” (the maximum increase to 5 thousand roubles) and “the Messenger” (an increase of 1-2 thousand rubles).

Euroset, in which there is no range of gadgets Samsung has increased the price of one Apple model — iPhone 6s with 128 GB now the smartphone is on 3 thousand rbl. more than in January. “MegaFon” and “Beeline” also don’t sell devices of the Korean company, although in an online store last still some models of Samsung smartphones, they have also risen in price for 1 thousand rbl. the Network “the Messenger” also does not buy smartphones of this brand, but sells out its remaining reserves, said a company representative Maria Zaikina.

As retailers have declared war on Samsung

In July 2015, four cellular retail — “MegaFon”, “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”), “Svyaznoi” and “Euroset” — stopped purchasing Samsung smartphones. They referred to the increased level of marriage in the devices of the Korean company in separate parties, it reached 7%, claimed the President “Euroset” Alexander Malis.

The only major network that refused from Samsung, but on the contrary, increased sales of these devices that became MTS. This company has not noticed a change in the number of returns of Samsung engineering, said the representative of MTS.

The conflict of the four retailers with the Samsung broke after MTS has drastically reduced the prices of these devices in its stores: the fall in the value reached 30%.

Daily fluctuations

Setting a price, retailers are focused on the procurement price and the market situation, said the representative of “Euroset” Ulyana Smolskaya and confirms Dmitry Solodovnikov from MTS. Sellers respond to special promotions of competitors, says the “Liaison” and “Technosila”.

Price fluctuations happen all the time, they can be changed up to several times a day, says Smolsky of “Euroset”. The price of the flagship gadgets can vary in the range of 1-2 thousand rbl. a few times a month, adds Zaikina from Svyaznoy, who says that this is a standard phenomenon for retail.

“Changing prices in retail is a living process”, — said the representative “Eldorado” Julia Zotova. The company actually raised prices on many models of Samsung, she admits. Thus, according to her, the prices of the Apple smartphones in these stores are hardly changed.

Lower prices for Apple gadgets in stores “Beeline” is associated with the pre-holiday promotions, and MegaFon changes the prices of these devices “depending on the market situation”, explained company representatives. The company periodically reduce prices in the range of 1-2 thousand rubles. to stimulate sales, adds Zaikina. Moreover, these figures may vary depending on region and channel sales.

MTS also holds promotions offering additional discounts on the purchase of smartphones, says Solodovnikov. However, the company still sets the prices below the market: smartphones in its retail cost 30% cheaper than other retailers, he insists.

In the beginning of 2016 electronics manufacturers warned sellers about the increase in purchase prices. As written , because of this retailers are going to increase the value of gadgets in their networks. Although prices for most commodities remain at the level of January 2016, in the near future they can grow, said Zaikina.