Shares of “Rosneft” has updated the historical maximum

The value of the shares of “Rosneft” on the Moscow stock exchange has updated the historical maximum. In the course of trading on 4 March, the price of securities rose to 298,3 rubles, which 4,05 RUB above yesterday’s close.

During yesterdayís trading session the share price of Rosneft rose to 295 rubles, surpassing made in the middle of February the maximum 294,2 RUB Until February 2016 correspondent the share price of Rosneft rose above 290 rubles. only in mid-2008.

By the close of trading on March 3, the value of the shares of “Rosneft” was corrected to 294,25 RUB on the end of the day the growth of 2.53%.

“Yesterday the leaders of growth among blue chips were the representatives of our oil and gas companies: “Gazprom” (+3,12%), “Rosneft” (+2,53%), LUKOIL (+2,27%), “Surgutneftegaz” (+1,82%). Positive trends in the oil market increases the demand for securities this sector of the Russian economy. By the way, the action “Rosneft” yesterday rewrote its historical high price — a clear signal of the strength of buyers,” says chief analyst Management “Savings” Alexander Potavin.

The growth of quotations of “Rosneft” due to the recovery of oil prices and the strengthening of the ruble, says UBS analyst Maxim Moshkov. In recent weeks, Brent crude has risen by more than 25% from the January lows to $37 per barrel.

Dollar price of shares of “Rosneft” remains far below historical highs due to the devaluation of the ruble. During today’s trading on the London stock exchange the global Depositary receipts are up about 1.6%, reaching the maximum of $4,05. However, in July 2006, the GDRs were placed on the London stock exchange at a price of $7,55 apiece, and in mid-2008 GDR price rose above $12.