The Deputy of the state Duma questioned the number of victims of the Gulag

Olympic bronze medalist in judo and the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Dmitry Nosov called Joseph Stalin “the greatest politician of the last century,” and questioned the deaths of millions of people in the Gulag. He said this in an interview

On the question of what Stalin considered the greatest politician, Nosov said, “This is an official international evaluation”. He explained that he considered Stalin’s “big statists” and named two reasons for this — the “red terror has decreased significantly, in contrast to Lenin and Trotsky” and “Stalin picked up the country with a plow and brought its GDP to 10% of the world”.

The Deputy questioned the deaths of a huge number of people in the Gulag. “Everyone says: when Stalin died 50 million: 20 million in the war, 30 million died. They say that in the Gulag gnoili people. Take any of the convict and ask: is it possible that in this number there were killed people? He will say: impossible. There is the head of the colony, his task is to do the production: to chop wood and stuff. If these figures understate, will punish him. Therefore, it is disadvantageous to people in the colony was less,” he said.

The book of writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn in “the GULAG Archipelago” — Nosov called “paid history”. “I can say for my family. Family Nasal — 238. In 37-m to year you won’t be seeing a single person,” he said. “But I have colleagues in the Duma who shout with foam at the mouth: “Stalin is the villain. He’s my kinfolk repressed”. But I look at this Deputy and I understand that brands have nowhere to put” — said Nosov.

Previously, the Levada center conducted a survey, which revealed that the level of support the Russians Joseph Stalin was the highest over the past decade. In particular, 34% of respondents believe that, whatever mistakes and vices was attributed to Stalin, the most important thing, “that under his leadership our people emerged victorious in the great Patriotic war”. Deputy Director of Levada center Alexey Grazhdankin has explained that the increased support of the Secretary General is primarily due to the military operation of Russia in Syria and the confrontation of the country with the outside world.

In January at the meeting of the presidential Council on science and education of Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the results of the activities of Vladimir Lenin. “To manage the flow of thought is right, if only this thought had led to correct results, not like Vladimir Lenin”. “And then eventually this idea led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, that’s what. There were many such thoughts: autonomy and so on. Laid the atomic bomb under the building, which is called Russia, and she pulled then. And the world revolution we did not need. Here the idea was there, too,” — said Putin.

Nosov, honored master of sports in judo, master of sports in Sambo, bronze prizewinner of Olympics in Athens 2004. State Duma Deputy since 2011, member of the LDPR faction.