The staff of KAMAZ will pay 250 rubles for each identified marriage

KAZAN, March 3. /Corr. Alexei Ugarov/. The company management “KAMAZ” will be to pay employees 250 rubles for each possible defect in the production of trucks. Thus the company plans to increase the motivation of workers and to stimulate them to more carefully monitor the quality of manufactured products, informed the correspondent in a press-service of KAMAZ.

“The new regulations on the payments for identified defects introduced at KAMAZ. For every identified defect, an attentive employee is paid 250 rubles, and the products with defect is returned to the originator for corrective action request,” – said the press service.

As noted at the car, this provision “encourages employees in every workplace to produce quality products and to identify defects and not seek to push the marriage to a neighboring area in the shop or factory”. “The purpose – increase of motivation of workers employed in the value chain of the car: from casting the blanks and machining to Assembly and delivery of finished products to the customer,” stressed the press service.

In January 2015, the General Director of “KAMAZ” Sergey Kogogin signed an order that approved the objectives in the quality field for 2016. This year the company plans to “reduce the level of complaints from consumers for products of own production and components by 10%, reducing the coefficient of defectiveness (APA) and the number of defects per vehicle (DPV) by 10%.”

By the end of 2015 the staff of “KAMAZ” has managed to reduce the number of defects per one tested vehicle (DPV) compared to 2014 year-on-year to 39.5%, and the coefficient of deficiency (APA) fell by 62.3 per cent. The level of claims for trucks “KAMAZ” fell by 10.3%.

KamAZ is a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia, manufactures over 40 models of trucks. In the technological chain of KAMAZ group consists of 11 major automobile manufacturing plants and support divisions.