The USA sent in the disputed area of the South China sea aircraft carrier squadron

In the South China sea, which in recent months has increased the military activity of Beijing, arrived aircraft carrier group led by aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, says the publication Navy Times.

The squadron also included two cruisers and two destroyers. As stated by the official representative of the Pacific fleet of the U.S. Navy clay Doss campaign is performing routine work. “Our ships and aircraft perform routine work in the Western Pacific ocean, including the South China sea, and have been doing that for decades. Only in 2015, the ships of the Pacific fleet was in the South China sea a total of around 700 days,” he explained.

At the same time, the expert of the Washington Center for a new American security captain Navy retired Jerry Hendrix called the campaign of ships of the U.S. show of force sends a clear signal to Beijing. “Obviously, the Navy and the Ministry of defence demonstrate full commitment to the commitment to presence and freedom of navigation in the region,” he said.

The disputed area in the South China sea for the past few months is a source of tension between the US and China. Washington accuses Beijing in the militarization of the South China sea, where Beijing has created artificial Islands in the disputed archipelago. It is first and foremost about the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands. Islands are disputed by several countries: in particular, they are claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.

Under international law, state territorial waters extend to 12 miles from the coast. However, the United States claimed that this rule does not apply to artificial Islands.