Turchynov demanded from the Cabinet of Ministers to accelerate the introduction of visa regime with Russia

“Even in 2014 it was the decision of the Council to entrust the Cabinet of Ministers to introduce a visa regime with Russia, and, in my opinion, the government had enough time to prepare for this. The time has come to take decisions”, — said Turchinov.

According to him, the visa regime will help Ukraine to protect themselves from people who are planning on the territory of the country “to engage in intelligence-subversive activity”.

Turchynov said that Russia is “rapidly burns its resources on strengthening its military potential, with energy prices falling, sanctions operate, and the crisis of governance, inherent to any authoritarian and totalitarian state, only enhances all these destructive processes”.

In his view, therefore, Ukraine may face a “huge migration wave” from Russia.

The head of the national security Council in December 2015, called for introducing a visa regime with Russia since the new year. Then he noted that the government does not accelerate the introduction of the visa regime, because Russia can take mirror measures.

For the first time the Ukrainian authorities announced the introduction of the visa regime in March 2014. Now these measures are still not implemented. However, from 1 March 2015, the Russians may get to Ukraine only on foreign passports, and not civil, as it was before.