Exchange rate of the dollar dropped to the lowest level from the beginning of 2016

The dollar during trading Tuesday on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen to a mark 72,57 RUB/USD, what was the lowest since January of 2016. The last time the U.S. currency traded near this level on January 4. Then the dollar at the low cost 72,61 month.

By data at 17:05 GMT, the dollar traded at 72,74 month. In comparison with closing of the previous trading session the American currency has fallen by about 40 cents (minus 63%).

Continues to depreciate and the European currency. According to 17:10 GMT, the Euro was 79,81 rbl./Euro. At a minimum the European currency was worth 79,22 rbl./Euro.

The official rate of the dollar to the ruble set by the Bank of Russia from March 5, 2016, is 73,1854 RUB/USD, the official Euro — 80,1161 rbl./Euro.

Reuters relates the strengthening of the Russian currency with the accelerated growth in oil prices amid the US labor statistics were better than expected. According to these data, the number of new jobs in the U.S. in February amounted to 242 thousand at the forecast of 190 thousand, and the unemployment rate was 4.9%, which is the minimum value during the 8 years, the Agency said.

The price of Brent oil with delivery in may traded, according to 17:20 GMT, at $37,66 per barrel, which is higher than the close from the previous trading session almost 1.5%. Oil of mark WTI with delivery in April has increased today by 1.17% and reached $34,98 per barrel.