PSB received a record loss at the end of 2015

PSB received a record loss for FY 2015 is 16.4 billion rubles against a profit of RUB 2.3 billion for 2014. In the Bank’s equity would have been a hole, if not for the infusion of the shareholders, brothers Dmitry and Alexey ananyevich. Head of unit “Finance” PSB Vladimir Mamakin explained by the fact that the Bank in 2015, formed a large provisions for loan losses of 47.3 billion rubles, which is twice more than the corresponding figure for the previous year. This is the maximum size of reserves in the entire history of the Bank. Mamakin explained the need for such a large-scale redundancy “complex operating environment and prudent risk policy of the Bank”.

The Bank has formed reserves for credit collapsed last year, the airline “Transaero”, which was a jar of 7.8 billion rubles. This loan was secured by aircraft owned by “Transaero”. To fully cover the loan needed reserves of 5.5 billion rubles, said Mamakin. In the interview he added that the assessors of the Bank are closely monitoring the financial condition of other borrowers and while it is not of concern. In a press release from the Bank said that the contributions of majority shareholders in the Bank’s capital base helped to offset the losses by almost half, to increase capital and improve the indicators of its sufficiency. This week on IFRS reported retail Bank “Tinkoff”, showing a profit of 1.9 billion rubles.

As noted earlier, the analyst of Raiffeisenbank Denis Poryvai, among other things, the Bank helped by the fact that in November, the shareholders contributed to the capital land value of 15.7 billion rubles “Land, apparently, were the property of the shareholders, are in the suburbs. The risk to these lands can be impairment, but I don’t think this fall will be strong,” says the analyst.