Pyongyang on edge: why Kim Jong UN again threatens the world

Pyongyang on edge: why Kim Jong UN again threatens the world

In response to the sanctions

North Korea on Friday brought its nuclear Arsenal in combat readiness. “We need to be ready to use nuclear warheads at any time,” said the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN (quoted by KCNA).

So Pyongyang responded to adopted on Wednesday on the US initiative the UN security Council resolution tightening sanctions against the DPRK. The reason for its adoption became a nuclear test in January (North Korea claims that tested a hydrogen bomb) and launching long-range missiles in February.

“The only way to protect the sovereignty of our nation and its right to exist in the current emergency situation is to maintain our nuclear warheads in the right quantity and appropriate quality,” said North Korean dictator.

Threatening the government of China and the United States responded with a call for North Korea “to be more careful in expressions” and not to commit provocations, Reuters reported. In Seoul are convinced the North Korean leader intended his words for a domestic audience, to encourage its face sanctions.

The UN security Council resolution No. 2270 was adopted unanimously. The toughest package of measures taken against the DPRK so far. In order to stop the flow of cash to North Korea, the security Council banned North Korea to export coal, iron, iron ore, gold, titanium ore, vanadium and rare natural metals. In addition, imposed an embargo on the delivery to North Korea of all types of aviation fuel. In addition, member countries of the UN should expel facilitate the circumvention of the sanctions North Korean citizens and stop learning those of immigrants from North Korea who specialize in the study of nuclear power or missile technology. The document also introduces mandatory inspection of goods crossing the Korean border.

“Although the sanctions adopted by the Board earlier, no doubt hampered the ability of the DPRK to develop its nuclear program, the regime, as the events of the last two months, continues to go ahead,” said U.S. permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power. The new sanctions, says UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon, is to “end the cycle of provocations” of the North Korean regime.

Tests of a new missile complex, North Korea, 2016

Photo: REUTERS 2016

Order-a warning

The order on the enforcement of arms in full combat readiness due not only to sanctions but also military exercises the U.S. and South Korea are preparing to hold the Korean Peninsula in March, says fellow at the center for Korean studies of the IHS Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Asmolov. “They will pass on such a scale that they could well be regarded as a rehearsal for invasion. There will be worked out activities aimed at the destruction of the Supreme leadership of the DPRK, as well as the seizure and liquidation of its nuclear facilities,” he said.

In the legend of the exercises Key Resolve spelled out the challenges of detecting and preventive destruction of ballistic missiles with nuclear and biological warheads, passed on Tuesday, the Agency “Renhap” with reference to a senior source in the South Korean government.

This plan was prepared by the Ministry of defense of South Korea in early January. “Due to the need to systematically strengthen the system to counter nuclear and missile KNRD considering joint exercises on containment strategies and tactics 4D (Detect, Disrupt, Destroy, Defense — detection, interception, destruction, defense)”, — noted in the report of the Ministry.

Asmolov doubt that North Korea really have the means of delivery of nuclear warheads. “Most likely, nuclear explosive devices and warheads yet,” he points to possible inflation threats from Pyongyang. The North Korean missile program, he recalls, made several launches of the rockets combat purposes.

As stated by the head of the Institute for international relations and strategy Jean-Vincent Brisset, North Korea at least there is no possibility to launch a nuclear strike on another continent. “Launches of North Korea closely resemble the French launches of carrier rockets Diamond 1960-1970”, — quotes the words of expert, “RIA Novosti”.

At the same time, the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula Asmolov believes the real. “Previously, North Korea had reiterated its nuclear doctrine as the doctrine of nuclear deterrence as it is applied in response to provocation. Now they move towards the American model — a preventive nuclear attack, when in case of danger we shoot first and ask questions later,” explained his opinion Asmolov.

As Pyongyang feels the atom

North Korea first declared the creation of nuclear weapons in February 2005. Since then, despite the ensuing economic sanctions, there were four nuclear tests (in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016) and at least six launch. In April 2012, the government led by Kim Jong-UN declared North Korea a nuclear power and amended the Constitution. The DPRK is the only country in the world that conducts nuclear tests in the twenty-first century.

Seoul wants nuclear shield

Members of the ruling in South Korea, the Party of the great country on Friday urged the country’s authorities to develop their own nuclear program and to equip the Armed forces of the Republic of nuclear weapons, Reuters reported. According to the Agency, in South Korea many do not trust the promises of China to curb the development of nuclear programs in souznaya with him the DPRK and are not sure that in the event of open conflict with its Northern neighbour the United States will be able to protect them. In 2013, after the third nuclear test by the DPRK, Seoul-based Institute for policy studies “Asan” conducted a survey, according to which 67% of South Koreans supported the idea of establishing a nuclear program.

The question of the entry of South Korea into the club of nuclear powers, of course, do not — the US will not allow such development of events is fraught with unpredictable consequences. While Washington hopes to ensure the safety of the ally conventional means: on March 4, South Korea and the United States should begin formal negotiations on the possible deployment in-country advanced missile complex rolling land-based (THAAD). Moscow and Beijing against the machine — it is equipped with a powerful radar, able to cover large-scale areas of Russia and China. South Korea and the United States argue that such power is necessary in the context of the escalating nuclear threats from North Korea, said the Agency.

On the eve of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye demanded that Pyongyang abandon its nuclear ambitions and said he would work to “end the tyranny” of the North Korean leader. As explained by the Agency, the South Korean President, initially tried to establish a dialogue with the North, the first time acts such harsh comments against the regime of Kim Jong-UN.