Stock exchange the dollar exchange rate fell below 72 rubles on the background of rising oil

The dollar during trading on the Moscow exchange on Friday evening continued to fall, dropping below $ 72 RUB/USD. At a minimum, the U.S. currency was worth 71,87 month. The last time the dollar traded at this level on December 29, 2015. Then at least American currency was worth of 72.80 month.

For today’s trading session, the dollar fell more than the ruble (minus 1.7 percent). According to 19:30 GMT, the dollar give 71,93 RUB.

Russian ruble on Friday evening continued to strengthen against the dollar amid continuing growth in oil prices. Futures for oil Brent with delivery in may has exceeded today a mark of $38 per barrel. According to 19:35 Moscow time a barrel of this brand is trading at $38.05 per, according to AFP. Compared to yesterday’s close of trading, the Brent oil rose more than 2.5%.

Increased in price and WTI. The futures for oil of this brand for delivery in April rose by 2.6% and traded at $35,52.

Experts interviewed by the Financial Times, see to the growth of the new evidence that major stock market players believe that the bottom in oil prices, finally passed and bet on the reversal of quotes to upwards.

The publication also links the possibility of resumption of sustained growth in oil prices with the willingness of some of the largest oil-producing countries to freeze production at the level of January 2016, and the first clear evidence of slowdown in production from shale deposits in the USA.