The head of the press service of the defense Ministry was reprimanded

According to the publication “Kommersant”, the major-General Igor Konashenkov, holding the position of head of the Department of press service and information of the Ministry of defense of Russia, announced the reprimand.

The reason for the reprimand was lack of safety measures when working with the media in the area of specific tasks, says “Kommersant”.

Earlier this week, the defense Ministry reported that several Russian and foreign journalists on March 1, came under fire in the Syrian province of Latakia, near the town Kasaba, where journalists were on a press tour. Igor Konashenkov said that the shots were fired from the Turkish border, from the area of the village, Lady in Idlib. A total of eight were produced of shells, which fell at a distance of 150-400 meters from journalists.

The representative of the Ministry of defense noted that during the tour, the reporters had to visit towns, which had already signed a ceasefire agreement. Under the shelling hit 33 journalists from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, USA, China, Russia and Canada, as a result, several people — representatives of Bulgaria, Canada and China — received minor abrasions.