The hole in the capital of Vneshprombank estimated at a record 210 billion rubles.

The Central Bank raised its assessment of the size of the hole in the capital devoid of license Vneshprombank. Immediately after the revocation of the license (21 January 2016) it was reported that the size of the Bank’s liabilities exceeded its assets on 187,4 billion rubles on March 3, According to published in “the Bulletin of Bank of Russia” balance sheet, “shortage” is estimated already at about 210,115 bn, a new record for the banks deprived of licenses.

“Increasing the size of the imbalance between assets and liabilities occurred mainly due to the increase in the size of the Bank’s liabilities to clients, including due to revaluation of payables in foreign currency due to the growth rate of foreign currency”, — stated in the report of the temporary administration on management of Russia.

Total assets of Vneshprombank in the report of the temporary administration are estimated at 40,43 billion rubles, liabilities in 250,545 billion rubles.

Net loss of Vneshprombank on 21 January 2016 is now estimated at 151,012 billion rubles uncovered loss of past years — in 68,112 billion rubles.

According to official statistics, by total assets Vneshprombank on January 1, 2016 occupied 40th place in the banking system of the Russian Federation. However, one of the reasons for the revocation of his license to conduct banking operations in January of 2016, was named a “significant” imbalance between assets and liabilities.

“The Bank of Russia jointly with the state Corporation “Agency on insurance of contributions” during the interim administration of LLC “Vneshprombank” has revealed large-scale operations, pointing to the withdrawal of assets from the Bank. Actions related to withdrawal of assets, as may be supposed, was carried out the same management and persons controlling the Bank”, — noted in the message of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank then suggested that derived from Vneshprombank funds could be invested in various assets located not only in Russia but also in Europe and the USA, and the official owners of this property may be persons, not related to Russia.